There is a Tropical Island Where People Don’t Get Cancer

Dr. Sears calls this the “Best book I’ve ever written” and it’s here, and it’s beautiful! The first printing of Dr Sears’ newest book, Healing Herbs of Paradise, just arrived.

I haven’t felt this proud since I opened my Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine – Al Sears, MD, CNS

From the desk of Dr. Al Sears MD, CNS
Tropical island

Not too long ago, I read something that made me pack a bag and get on a 30-hour plane ride to the other side of the world:

People in Bali don’t get cancer nearly as often as we do in America

I wanted to know why. After all, they don’t have access to oncologists or sophisticated diagnostic equipment. Why was I much more likely to get cancer than someone from Bali?

I got off the plane and found my way into the wilds of a jungle at the foot of a volcano in Ubud, Bali… and that’s where I discovered the Secret of Jamu.

Trusted by locals for thousands of years, the “Jamu Secret” is:

   Effective against every type of cancer in the world

  Powerful enough to kill MRSA

  Able to stop heart disease

  Used to treat Parkinson’s, COPD, Alzheimer’s…

And hundreds of other diseases plaguing us in the West.

When I got back to my clinic in South Florida, I went to work securing an active compound from the “Jamu Secret.” Once I had it identified, I began recommending it to all my patients.

The results are truly astonishing.

Take V.S., who was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer and stunned her doctors when she refused mainstream cancer treatments and opted to try the “Jamu Secret” instead.

Now completely cancer-free, V.S. is at the center of a medical storm involving the same doctors who warned her against the “Jamu Secret” — they want to study her, fascinated with her results.

With these kinds of dramatic results, I knew I needed to get this news to you as soon as possible.

When I started digging for more research on the “Secret,” I found some really interesting information…

  • Researchers at Harvard are studying the “Jamu Secret” — and discovering that one simple diet change can cut your risk for heart-related illness in half.1
  • Indian scientists are learning why the “Jamu Secret” has a powerful effect on Alzheimer’s. 2
  • The department of biology at Georgia State University is looking into the anti-cancer properties of the “Jamu Secret.”  And discovering that it is quite good at killing prostate cancer cells. 3

These amazing discoveries are happening in laboratories all over the world…  my research team and I uncovered nearly 300 studies in all. But if all these scientists are busy studying the “Jamu Secret,” why did I have to travel all the way to Bali to discover it for myself?

I’ll tell you why in a minute.

But first I want to share the “Jamu Secret” with you… because I think you deserve to know about these life-saving — and life-changing — treatments and cures that have remained hidden long enough.

I have made it my life’s mission to discover and bring you remedies and cures for some of the most challenging diseases of our time — including the greatest “Super Disease” of all…


I focus on treatments and cures that you won’t hear about from mainstream medicine or the media.

I’ve visited six continents and countless countries to learn from the greatest healers on the planet. I bring back proven cures that work for the patients in my clinic… and readers like you.

Dr. Sears in Ubud, Bali.

I have spent my entire life waiting to go to Bali. When I was a child, my dad would tell me exotic stories about World War II… and of all the places he traveled, Bali was his favorite.

The rare black beaches… wild, untamed jungles… and the beautiful, generous people who lived there.

Little did he know I would visit Bali more than five decades later on a mission to win a war of a different kind…

The war against cancer… heart disease… aging… and the war against Big Pharma.

What does Big Pharma have to do with it?

The companies that manufacture expensive prescription drugs aren’t sending scientists to Bali to look for cures, because cures don’t make them money.

Treatments do. The longer you have to stay on their treatments, the better — as far as they’re concerned.

That’s just wrong.

So I went to Bali to discover what Big Pharma was hiding.

I also wanted to find out why the cancer rate is so low in Bali… and what I discovered was shocking.

Even with my extensive experience with native healing and a lifelong belief in all-natural cures… I was truly amazed at the sheer number of diseases the “Jamu Secret” can treat.

So “secret,” even the people in Bali don’t know about it.

Bali is an island province of Indonesia, home to over 4 million people.

For hundreds — if not thousands — of years, the healers and herbalists of Bali have passed down information by word of mouth to their children and students.

But like almost every place else on earth, civilization is hijacking the younger generations. With very few students studying this traditional knowledge, Obat Asli Bali… the healing herbs of Bali… are now dangerously close to being lost forever.

Fortunately, there are two people fighting desperately to make sure this knowledge is preserved — and they want me to share these important cures with you before it’s too late.

I urged Westi and Lelir — a husband and wife team descended from generations of Balinese farmers and herbalists — to tell me everything they knew.

They decided to confide in me because they know I have thousands of patients who can benefit from the “Jamu Secret.” But this information is too important to share with just my patients.

I realized I had to get word out to as many people as I could, right away. That’s why I’m writing to you today.

Here are just a few things the “Jamu Secret” can do:

  • There is a flower the Balinese hold sacred. The natives use it to control their weight… I learned it can stop melanoma in its tracks. 4
  • And a tree that not only soothes coughs, it kills MRSA — the incredibly tough bacteria that’s resistant to most antibiotics. 5
  • A tropical bloom that can make your hair shiny… and guards against DNA damage that causes premature aging. (If you live in a warm climate, this one might be growing in your backyard right now!)
  • There are DOZENS of roots, herbs, leaves, plants and berries that prevent, treat and cure every type of cancer on earth… many of which are for sale in your health food store or online.

Flowers are so important on Bali, some are considered sacred.

You heard me right.

There are so many anti-cancer plants in Bali, I eventually lost count. And the Balinese not only use them medicinally, they eat and drink them every day as part of their native diet.

I’m convinced this is why the people of Bali have half the rate of cancer as we do in America.

And with cancer rates in America reaching emergency status, there’s no time to waste.

Modern farming methods are destroying the “Jamu Secret.”

I hope it’s not already too late.

Bali is located in an area called the Sundaland Hotspot — one of the most biologically rich places on Earth.

The dense foliage of Bali contains hundreds of healing secrets.

In this one region alone, there are about 25,000 species of plants, 60% of which are found nowhere else on earth!

The “Jamu Secret” is hidden inside these plants… and now, thanks to foreign fertilizers and pesticides, the delicate Balinese ecosystem is in danger of tipping.

Years ago, the government in Jakarta introduced chemical fertilizers and pesticides to the rice farmers in Bali. Up until then, they used only natural farming methods. But the government told them they could grow much more rice with these “modern miracles.”

Did they grow more rice? Of course.

But at what cost?

From leaves to extracts, flowers to roots, the healing herbs can be used in countless ways.

The soil was depleted of important minerals and nutritional content because the earth wasn’t allowed to rest between crops. The toxic, artificial chemicals polluted the pristine island’s water and soil.

The same water and soil that is necessary for the “Jamu Secret’s” very existence.

What it can do for you is nothing short of amazing.

Each year, I travel more than 20,000 miles to study what makes people healthy.

Western medicine sees disease as something to be drugged or cut out of your body.

I focus on what healthy people have in common. I look at what protects them from disease in the first place.

I don’t need Big Pharma or the FDA to tell me what can or can’t cure cancer… or diabetes… or heart disease. I’ve seen entire populations around the world eliminate and cure disease with the “Jamu Secret.”

The Balinese use it to:

  Boost the immune system

  Treat flus and colds

  Reduce fever

  Help nausea

But it can also be used as an:




  Anticancer 6,7

The “Jamu Secret” may even hold the key to stopping Alzheimer’s disease.

Indian scientists caused Alzheimer’s-type amnesia in mice. Treating mice with an extract from the “Jamu Secret” had an amazing effect. The treated mice had lower levels of free radicals, and they showed better performance remembering their way through a maze. 8

Big Pharma doesn’t want the “Jamu Secret” to get out.

As I said earlier, scientists all over the globe are studying the “Jamu Secret.” But no one is talking about it.

That’s because Big Pharma doesn’t want you to know about it.

The “Jamu Secret” consists of all-natural cures that are readily available. That means Big Pharma can’t charge thousands of dollars for it.

And if diseases like cancer… Alzheimer’s… Parkinson’s… and diabetes are cured, Big Pharma can’t keep raking in the money they’re making on treatments.

It may be hard to believe, but we’re talking big money here. The diabetes industry is worth $50 billion. The antidepressant industry rakes in $70 billion a year. And the cancer industry? It’s costing Americans 100 billion dollars a year.

This is too important not to share.

As a physician, I simply can’t keep quiet. These treatments and cures are already working for my patients. I want to share them with you, too.

  The “Jamu Secret” kills cancer cells. In a study virtually ignored by Western medicine, researchers from Taiwan looked at the “Jamu Secret” and tested its cancer-killing power.

They treated cells with differing amounts of an extract from the “Jamu Secret.” The more extract they used, the more cancer cells died off. Just 200 μg/ml of the root extract dropped the cancers’ ability to survive to nearly zero.

It also destroyed and stopped the spread of 75% of brain cancer cells and 70% of cervical cancer cells. 9 Extracts also worked on leukemia, liver cancer, gastric cancer and other tumor cells. 10

  The “Jamu Secret” prevents gastric ulcers. Scientists looking into the effect the “Jamu Secret” has on ulcers last year were shocked. They treated mice with the “Jamu Secret” and then tried to give the mice ulcers… and they couldn’t! Even with three different
potent ulcer-inducers, the mice were protected. 11

  The “Jamu Secret” prevents heart attacks. A research team studied the effects of the “Jamu Secret” on animals’ hearts. They treated a group for 30 days with an extract from the “Jamu Secret.” When they gave this group a chemical known to induce heart attacks, it
didn’t work! 12

The results from these studies — and others like them — are so astounding, even Western medicine is starting to recognize them.

In fact, the German Cancer Research Center is studying the “Jamu Secret” for its anti-cancer effect.

Unlike the U.S., where we have a government agency dedicated to stifling natural cures, Germany has set up a Federal Institute specifically to test and approve natural cures.

And an extract from the “Jamu Secret” made the list of cures to be tested.

For those of you who don’t live in Germany ­­­­­­— or Bali — I’m about to tell you how you can access the “Jamu Secret” today, from the comfort of your own home.

Balinese experience less cancer, diabetes, strokes and other diseases.

Some recipes date back hundreds of years.

In the West, doctors view medicine as a liquid or pill you swallow… an injection forced into your body… even radiation that poisons your body.

In Bali, the natives not only use their abundant plants as medicine, they eat and drink them every day as part of their native diet.

This didn’t happen by accident. Their bodies adapted to their environment over thousands of years, and their native environment provides everything they need to stay healthy, active and vibrant throughout their lives.

The Balian healers use the “Jamu Secret” to prepare teas and foods that are not only nourishing and tasty, they have healing properties that have worked for centuries.

Which would you rather do? Drink an herbal tea known to cure migraines when you have one? Or put a few of those leaves in your salad every day to keep the head-splitting pain from occurring in the first place?

Now, for the first time, this vast knowledge is available to Westerners who are tired of waiting around on the FDA and the medical industry to fix what’s wrong with them.

The good news? You don’t have to move to Bali.

No prescription needed — you can enjoy the “Jamu Secret” in the comfort of your kitchen..

You don’t have to drastically change your diet or move halfway around the world to put the “Jamu Secret” to work for you. There are things you can start doing right away, at home, to improve your health:

  • A flower that grows all over Florida, Texas and other southern states can help men who have a swollen prostate and a hard time urinating – even if they’ve had the problem for years.
  • A common essential oil works as an antidepressant. Just smelling the beautiful fragrance will put you in a relaxed, happy mood. It calms nervousness, anxiety, stress, even feelings of anger and frustration.
  • You can make your own “Jamu Secret” tea by steeping the flowers of a common plant for 10-15 minutes. The brewed tea protects your body against DNA damage, a main cause of aging-related concerns. You can also buy it right now in your supermarket.
  • While you’re there, grab a common fruit that helps you recover more quickly from injury and reduces circulating free radicals that lead to a painful inflammation.

Learn the “Jamu Secret” in my new book, Healing Herbs of Paradise.

With Westi and Lelir’s blessing, I’m making all of this sacred knowledge available to the world for the first time — whether Big Pharma likes it or not. You can find it all in my new book, Healing Herbs of Paradise.

It’s more than just a beautiful coffee table book. It’s part novel… part travel guide… part reference book. It is full of 100% useful, practical information that can change your health – and your quality of life.

Learn how herbalists use the “Jamu Secret” to do everything from cure indigestion to treat cancer… all backed by scientific studies that show how and why it works.

If you’re a gardener, you’ll come away with a list of plants that you’ll want to start growing in your own yard right away.

If you’re not, the book tells you how you can easily locate and use the elements of the “Jamu Secret” to treat and cure hundreds of diseases.

I’ve included some of my favorite recipes so you can make the “Jamu Secret” part of your diet. There is a tea you can brew to cure headaches, and a smoothie you can make to soothe painful joints.

And that’s not all. Here’s more of what you can do after reading Healing Herbs of Paradise:

  • Protect the strength and power of your heart and lungs
  • Reduce your risk of heart attacks and cardiovascular disease
  • Discover a safe, gluten-free diet staple to replace unhealthy carbs
  • Lower your blood pressure and improve cholesterol levels
  • Reverse signs of aging and prevent DNA damage to your skin
  • Reduce anxiety and stress while improving your sense of wellbeing, and
  • Protect your cells against every type of cancer!

Discover the hundreds of cures in the “Jamu Secret” today.

Enjoy the beautiful photography and in-depth information on these healing herbs.

I’ve spent my entire professional life traveling around the globe to visit places where people don’t suffer from “incurable diseases.” Places where there’s no FDA telling them what they can and can’t use as medicine. Countries where they let their natural environment keep them healthy.

My trip to Bali was eye opening. I knew they had vast knowledge about natural cures and miracle plants growing practically one on top of another.

But when I saw how healthy and vibrant the Balinese people were in person, I knew I had to bring this knowledge to the rest of the world.

I had to make this “Jamu Secret” available to my patients and readers as quickly as I could.

Because there is a natural cure in this book that can help you feel better — and younger — starting today.

I Want You to Use These Cures and Remedies to Feel BETTER, Look YOUNGER and Live a HEALTHIER LIFE…

That’s why I’m offering it to you at a discount.

Normally, a book of this quality would sell for nearly $200 – but I want you to have this book today for only $59.95!

If you order today, you will be among the first to receive an electronic version of my book right away — and your beautiful hardbound copy will ship in 8 to 10 weeks.

But you have to order right away… my printer is delivering shipment as fast as he can, and there are a limited number of copies available.

I’ll even pay for shipping and handling so you don’t have to worry about any extra or hidden charges.

Healing Herbs of Paradise is one of my proudest accomplishments. It’s the most complete book available on the hidden secrets of Bali – straight from the heart of the jungle.

For the first time EVER, this important healing information is available to you… and there’s nothing Big Pharma can do about it!

I urge you to check out Healing Herbs of Paradise today.

To Your Good Health,

Al Sears MD

Al Sears, MD, CNS


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