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The Zulu Warrior Secret

The Zulu Warrior Secret to the
Best, Longest, Most Pleasurable
Sex of Your Life…
Starting Tonight!

Zulu medicine men used this “secret weapon” to transform their warriors into a front-line superhuman fighting force…
one that defeated the world’s most powerful empire.

Find out how this ancient root could also deliver
the best sex of your life… starting tonight.

Dear Reader

More than a century ago, the British army roamed across the countryside looking for gold, land and resources…

Zulu warriors in battle formation

The only thing in their way?

A small rag-tag group of rebels with little technology and few weapons at their disposal.

Only it wasn’t the Founding Fathers. In fact, it wasn’t even in America, or anywhere you’d expect.

Instead it was in the heart of sub-Saharan Africa.

Where the mighty British Empire met their match against the Zulu warriors…

Only armed with iron spears, cowhide shields, and horses…

The Zulu fearlessly took on the most powerful, technologically advanced empire in history in a fight to the death for their freedom…

A story rivaling Braveheart, Spartacus, or the 300 Spartans.

Why such bravery?

Because the Zulu warriors knew they had a much more powerful weapon in their arsenal…

One that made them all but invincible against their enemies.

And earned them a reputation as the world’s fiercest warriors.

The weapon was a rare South African root — a secret safeguarded by the Zulu tribe for 3,000 years.

I call it the “Warrior Root” because it was reserved for the men of the tribe.

Zulu fighting the British at the Battle of Isandlwana

Before battle, the Zulu would take a tiny dose of this strange plant.

And when they did, they instantly felt consumed by almost god-like power.

It not only gave them superior strength, agility and prowess…

But made them entirely fearless, even against their most formidable opponents.

Of course, this root helped the Zulu to not just “conquer” on the battlefield… but in the bedroom too.

The Warrior Root — From The Battleground to the Bedroom

Legend says the “Warrior Root” gave the Zulu men almost supernatural sexual powers…

And just as the Zulu warriors were once famous for their ferocity and courage…That even includes the elderly chiefs, council and healers.

They became equally famous worldwide for their unmatched sexual prowess.

All thanks to this unusual root native to the Zulu lands.

All without modern-day inventions… like male enhancement products and expensive therapies.

In fact, just a small dose could give you the most powerful, longest-lasting, and fullest erections of your life… whether you’re struggling in the bedroom, or just want to add a surge of vitality to your sex life.

And just as it gave these warriors superior strength and endurance on the battlefield, it can give you unlimited stamina in the bedroom.

Sure enough, the Zulu delivered one crushing blow after another to the proud British Empire… each time humiliating the global superpower.

Finally, at the battle of Isandlwana, the Zulu ambushed the unsuspecting British and completely trumped the invaders… rendering them unable to continue fighting.

The British retreated in utter humiliation — news that stunned the world.

It was the biggest defeat the Empire had suffered since the American Revolution…

A massive psychological blow that threatened to unravel the global superpower.

Photo from my recent trip to Uganda in sub-Saharan Africa

When I recently heard this story traveling through the Ugandan countryside, I couldn’t believe it.

How could this group of tribal warriors, outgunned and outmanned, possibly crush history’s most powerful military?

So I got to the bottom of what this was really all about.

Some scholars said it was because the British were overly confident. Others blamed British military leaders or said the Zulu simply knew the terrain better.

But according to my African sources, something else came into play…

The Key to Unlocking Your Body’s Hidden Sexual Power —
at Any Age

Speaking to a group of local Ugandan men about the “Warrior Root”

The rare herbal plant extract that gave the Zulu remarkable superhuman power and fearlessness…

And caused their enemies to crumble against their physical might.

Of course, herbs like these often had multiple purposes in ancient societies — for war, religion AND sex.

In any capacity, native peoples use them to unlock their body’s dormant physical powers. To erase fear and doubt. And charge forward relentlessly and determined without a second’s thought.

Now the “Warrior Root” is no longer used for combat… but instead to help men just like YOU conquer in the bedroom — no matter your age… what you’ve tried before… or your medical history.

In fact, just one tiny dose could instantly deliver…

Rock-hard erections that quickly stand to attention…

The ability and desire to make love when you want (and the manpower to keep going as long as you want)…

Stiffer-than-a-flagpole rigidity…

More intense orgasms…

And more pleasurable, satisfying sex.

While traveling through East Africa, I interviewed dozens of men… of all ages… who’ve reported these results.

One after another told me it works FAR better than anything they’ve tried from Europe or America.

They’ll even tell you it’s why the divorce rate in Africa is so ridiculously low, even in the cities.

But the thing is, the root is incredibly difficult to find.

So difficult, I had to travel deep into the interior of Africa just to obtain a small quantity.

And I’m here today to tell you not only was my expedition a complete success…

But now, for the first time in history, I’ve introduced this sex-boosting root to the Western world…

I’ve Journeyed to 30 Countries on Six Continents
To Bring You Remedies Like This

My recent trek through Uganda and the countryside of sub-Saharan Africa.

I’ve spent the last three decades roaming the world in search of little-known remedies, herbs and therapies. The kind you won’t hear about from the mainstream media or your doctor.

I travel through jungles, mountains, and swamps to learn from indigenous peoples who still live much like our ancient ancestors did. Which means they’re also free of diseases and ailments that afflict modern society.

And when I spent last winter trekking the countryside of Uganda, I stumbled across my biggest potency breakthrough EVER.

An unusual combination of herbs, roots, and extracts used by the natives of Africa for hundreds — if not thousands — of years to enhance their sexual experience… without side effects.

But although the tradition was there… and the natives swore by them — men and women alike — I needed more proof before I could say for certain they worked.

So imagine my surprise when my research stumbled upon a number of little-known scientific studies conducted in recent years…

All confirming what the Zulu have known for over a millennia.

That these herbs not only give you longer, more powerful erections… but a deeper, longer, more INTENSE rush in the bedroom. 

Essentially giving you the complete sexual experience you’ve been missing since your 20s (or better).

But what really makes T-Max different is how it rebuilds your potential for having the most explosive, earth-quaking sex of your adult life.

The result is a proprietary formula I call T-Max — and it combines three very powerful sex boosters for men.

Because you and I know, it’s not just the “getting it up” part, it’s the whole experience…


What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About Sex

Go to your doctor for help with your sex life and he’ll give you a few options… but it’s never a complete answer.

Doctors can help with the mechanics, but they can’t help with something else you must get right if you want great sex.

What I’m talking about is the kind of undeniable desire for sex that happens in your gut…

The kind of fire that makes you look at a woman and feel, “I MUST have her now.”

You see, there’s more to sexual satisfaction than the simple mechanics of getting it up.

There are those intangibles that NO doctor could EVER help you with.

And it’s the “intangibles” that make sex hot and heart-pounding… the kind of sex you crave and fantasize about.

This craving for action is a big part of your body’s ability to have sex. And it’s part of the pleasure, too.That kind of lust and desire for sex used to be hard wired into your brain… and your loins.

But here’s what happens when you get older: This hunger for sex starts to wane. The fire that created the excitement, the “surge” that drove your need to have sex now starts to fade.

Of course, you still think about sex, but it’s not the same. When you get older, the thoughts alone don’t always translate into the responses your body needs for the kind of surging, obsessive, sheet-ripping sex you really dream about.

T-Max helps restore some of the excitement, the urgency and the sensitivity.

Here’s how it works.

“The Warrior Root”

African Potency Booster #1:
Conquer in the Bedroom With “The Zulu
Warrior Root”

I’ve already introduced you to the Zulu “Warrior Root”… the main ingredient of T-Max.

The natives call the root Ubangala — literally “kiss and have sex.”

And it’s been used by the tribes of Southern Africa for centuries as a powerful aphrodisiac.

Perhaps this explains the stunned European accounts of Zulu sexual potency.

According to Zulu historian E.A. Ritter, the tribal chiefs had unbelievable sexual superpowers.

They would have harems of 1,200 women at some times.

And were able to satisfy many of their wives — while withholding their own orgasms.

All thanks to this key herbal remedy.

This kind of stamina and courage also aided them in combat.

Which is how the Zulu earned the reputation as the world’s fiercest warriors. And why the British — history’s most powerful empire — fell before them… even with vastly superior weapons, technology and numbers.

That it can boost blood flow to your penis tissue, allowing you to easily command erections.Now the University of Pretoria — South Africa’s #1 university — has confirmed the legends are true.

According to the researchers — who extracted the main compound of this root — it’s 75% effective as certain male enhancement products for supporting male libido and sexual enhancement.1

It’s also much less expensive, since it’s natural and there’s no synthetic processing.

The thing is, it’s incredibly rare — and difficult to get your hands on — even in Africa.

And as far as I know, nobody has introduced a supply of this potent herb to America.

That’s why I do all the digging, journeying and traveling. To retrieve powerful plants like the “Warrior Root” which you’ll never hear about from the drug companies or your doctor.

This is the first potency-boosting ingredient of my all-new formula, T-Max.

My next component is another sexual powerhouse native to South Africa…


South Africa’s “Testosterone Powerhouse”

African Potency Booster #2:
Turn on Your “Man Power” With South Africa’s
Testosterone Powerhouse

Its scientific name is Bulbine Natalensis, though the natives simply call it “Red Root”.

And just like the other plants you’ve already seen, the natives have used it for centuries as an aphrodisiac.

Now, we know why it works.

In one word…


And lots of it.

Testosterone is your primary masculine hormone. It’s what makes you strong, smart, quick and aggressive. It’s also what makes you a potent and virile lover.

And with healthy testosterone levels comes…In a study performed by the Centre of Phytomedicine Research, Department of Botany, University of Fort Hare, South Africa, “Red Root” saw major support in serum testosterone levels in animals compared to the control group.2

Improved libido

Higher nitric oxide levels — resulting in support for healthy normal erections

And increased sensitivity

In that same group, there was support noted for balanced estrogen levels.

In other words, super support for healthy testosterone and estrogen levels — without side effects.

All from South Africa’s “Red Root.”

If you want that kind of sex you’ve been missing for a long time…

That heat of the moment, “rip your clothes off” kind of sex… the passion like you had in your younger days…

Harvard’s Dr. Abraham Morgentaler says, “Testosterone is what’s responsible for ‘the grrr factor’.”Then testosterone is your key.

But as you’re well aware, maintaining healthy testosterone gets increasingly difficult as we age.

If you’re struggling with fatigue and never quite feel “up to it”…Time magazine calls the phenomenon “male menopause.”

If you’re getting a little flabby around your stomach and your pecs are sagging…

And if your sexual encounters haven’t been quite up to par lately…

You’re more than likely suffering from it.

And you’re not alone.

Starting around age 40, men’s testosterone levels fall 1% each year. And they drop even faster once you hit your 50s and 60s.

Of course, there are modern inventions like testosterone replacement, which are expensive…

Not to mention can carry risks.

But here’s what makes South Africa’s traditional “Red Root” so different.

It supports your body’s natural ability to produce testosterone… instead of trying to just replenish your levels.

This is how it can naturally boost your testosterone levels… free from side effects.

And I know we’re talking mostly about sex here… but testosterone has other benefits too.

Like giving you all the body you’ve been missing since your 20s…


  • Carving lean, sculpted muscles…
  • Reducing excess fat and flab…
  • And delivering enhanced strength and stamina…

Your extra strength and energy will allow you to literally sweep your wife off of her feet — and pleasure her all day long.

All of which can only create an even better sex life — making you feel like the man you want to be, all around, every day.

That’s why I made bulbine one of the key ingredients in my proprietary formula: T-Max.

A first-ever combination of indigenous African herbs that could change your sex life forever.

But like I said before, these herbs are also incredibly rare. Of the little I could find, I could only bring back a limited supply to America.

In a minute, I’ll show you how to claim your bottle while I still have some remaining.

Before I do, let me show you a little bit about one more nutrient I added… and why it’s so essential to the first step of great sex…

“Getting in the mood.”

Griffonia Simplicifolia: “Mali’s Mood Miracle”

African Potency Booster #3:
“Mali’s Mood Miracle” The world’s most powerful
producer of 5-HTP…

I call it the “Mali Mood Miracle.” It’s a shrub grown in West Africa and it’s the world’s most powerful producer of 5-HTP.

Our body naturally makes 5-HTP — the precursor to serotonin. And serotonin — the “mood chemical” — works powerfully on your mind for more happiness, enhanced energy, and better overall mood.

Even better sleep, lower appetite and sharper memory!

Serotonin is truly a wonder chemical for everything that your brain controls.

It’s also essential for your sex drive.

You’ve heard the expression “it’s all in your head” when it comes to sex.

Well, it turns out that’s not far from the truth.

A low libido, lack of sex drive and decreased intimacy — it’s all traced directly to our serotonin levels.

Levels that deplete as you age.

And if you’re never even in the “mood” to begin with, your sex life will obviously suffer.

Menopause, for instance, is known to deplete women’s serotonin levels, resulting in depression and loss of libido.

Most doctors will try to treat the condition with artificial hormones — and fail.

That’s because hormone therapy neglects one of the most important organs for a healthy sex life… your brain.

Do THIS Instead of Hormone Therapy

Instead you can restore your sexual appetite by simply recharging your brain’s mood chemicals… naturally.

No matter your age, gender, or how long it’s been since you “had some.”

At least that’s what the science shows.

But I don’t recommend taking a supplement (or drug) for serotonin. Besides the dangerous effects, they never reach your brain… and that’s where it’s needed most.

You need a compound that crosses the blood-brain barrier to directly boost your serotonin levels.

And that’s where 5-HTP comes in.

While our bodies have the natural ability to produce it…

Stress and our modern environment has crippled our body’s natural 5-HTP production.

No surprise then we’re now struggling with record high rates of depression and sexual dysfunction!

Our brains are not getting the serotonin levels they need to make us happy and sexually aroused.

Finding a reliable source of 5-HTP is difficult, too.

We don’t get enough in our modern diet.

And while some plants naturally produce it, they don’t provide sufficient quantities to make a difference.

But here’s the good news…

In the heart of West Africa I discovered the world’s most powerful, absorbable form of 5-HTP.

A shrub known as Griffonia Simplicifolia.

And it contains all of the mood and libido-boosting power you need to turn your bedroom around… starting tonight.

It also helps you go longer, and enhances the pleasure.

Mood is an obvious part of any couple’s sex life — especially when they get older.

How often are couples not on the same page? One is in the mood while the other isn’t?

Lack of mood can really cripple your sex life — and I’ve seen it over and over again in my patients.

Sure, performance is great. That’s one of the major things my sex formula targets. But it’s not everything.

I mean, what good is a pill if you’re not feeling “up for it.” Or if she isn’t?

That’s why this is my last but not least key ingredient in my proprietary formula: T-Max.

The first-ever combination of traditional “sex herbs” from the continent of Africa.

But why does it work so much better than conventional solutions?

The Four Essential (And Ignored) Elements of Sex

T-Max targets the four essential (yet overlooked) elements of sex…

Four Essential Elements of Se

Most drugs just work for the first element.

But without ALL four components of the sexual experience… you and your partner can NEVER fully have great sex.

You and your partner aren’t into it…

Now, ask yourself, can you really have great (even good) sex if…

You get breathless and tired within a minute or two…

And neither of you end up fully satisfied?

Of course not.

But to my knowledge, no available drug touches all four elements of sex. Few ever go beyond just erections.

And that’s where T-Max comes in.

It contains everything you need for the complete, earth-shattering sexual experience.

Here’s a recap of the key ingredients I’ve added…

Ubangala (“The Warrior Root”)

Bulbine Natalensis (South Africa’s Testosterone Powerhouse”)

Griffonia Simplicifolia (“The Mali Mood Miracle”)

As you’ve already seen, together they can tackle ALL the essential elements of sex.

The result…

You — and your wife — can now enjoy one unforgettable night after another.

But I’m sure you’ve wondered, if they’re so great, why haven’t I heard about them?

An Opportunity NOBODY In America Has EVER Received

Well, these plants — up until now — were simply not accessible to Americans or Europeans.

In fact, unless you traveled into the jungles and mountains of the African interior…

And spent time with the indigenous people in their villages like I did…

You would never even know they existed!

Much less secured a supply of these centuries-old remedies for mind-blowing sex.

But here’s the thing: because T-Max combines herbs that are very rare and difficult to get…

It may be months before I get a new supply. Heck, I probably won’t travel to Africa again until at least next year.

And even then, getting your hands on these herbs and roots is not easy — even for native Africans.

In short, we can only produce T-Max in small, tightly controlled batches.

That means our current supply is extremely limited.

You will have to act quickly to claim your spot.

In order to guarantee shipments for our VIP Auto-Delivery Members, we may have to shut down this offer in the next few days… possibly even tonight.

So if you close this message to go think it over, you could be sentencing yourself (and your wife) to a lifetime of lackluster sex…

Please… your sex life is too important. And believe me… once you experience the thrilling, deeply satisfying sex you’ve been missing, the price you pay for T-Max will seem like the deal of a lifetime.

And frankly, it is!

I mean it’s GUARANTEED or your money back, so why mess around?

And when you choose our VIP offer, you’ll get a free membership in our Auto-Delivery Service, which means you don’t have to worry about re-ordering. Just when your initial order is about to run out, our system will alert us and we’ll securely re-charge your card to rush you a fresh supply of T-Max.

That means you get it just in time for MORE GREAT SEX!

But don’t worry — like a secret sexual rendezvous, this is a no-strings-attached offer. You can cancel your delivery or change the schedule at any time, for any reason. Auto-Delivery Service is simply the only way we can guarantee you the best price and a steady supply. And I think you’ll really love it — because it saves you
the hassles of reordering — and it entitles you to FREE shipping for as long as you remain a member.

Yep — as an Auto-Delivery Service Member, you won’t pay a cent for shipping… ever.

So once you try T-Max and love it — you don’t have to lift a finger to keep getting it. You can focus on dreaming up thrilling new ways to put your sex drive to good use…

Best Sex of Your Life… Or Every Dime of Your Money Back

Every bottle is covered by our Ultimate Sex Guarantee — which means that if you and your wife aren’t blown away by your high-octane sexual performance, you get a full refund of the purchase price.
And if you don’t love it for any reason, there’s no need to worry.

Within 90 days just return your bottle, and we’ll send you a refund of every penny of the purchase price.

So there’s really nothing to think over — you don’t even have to decide anything right now. Just try it!

And if you don’t agree that T-Max gets you more confident and more excited about sex than you have been in years… if you’re not having more and better sex than you thought possible…

Just say the word and get your money back.

So please, don’t delay. I really want you to take advantage of my offer right now.It’s simple: if it doesn’t work for you, you don’t pay for it.

I want you to start having the most exciting sex of your life.

I want you to experience the best orgasms you’ve ever felt…

I want you to feel complete sexual satisfaction every time.

So don’t wait any longer. Click the button below NOW.

To Your Good Health,


Al Sears, MD, CNS

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1 Drewes SE, Horn MM, Munro OQ (2002) Pyrano-isoflavones with erectile-dysfunction activity from Eriosema kraussianum. Phytochemistry, 59,739–747.
2 Androgenic activities of Bulbine natalensis stem in male Wistar rats. Yakubu MT, Afolayan AJ. Pharm Biol. 2010 May;48(5):56876.

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