Omega Rejuvenol (Omega 3) Fish Oil Supplement

My friends Sandy and Ingrid are my workout buddies. They are both 10 years my Junior but I lift heavier, run faster and have higher endurance level that they do. I attribute this to the Primal Force supplements I take – Ultra Accel, Vitamin D3 and Omega Rejuvenol.

Today, I am going to focus on Omega Rejuvenol.

The Secret Brain-Boosting Nutrient In These Smart Pills

Here is what Dr. Sears has to say about the Omega Rejuvenol:

My discovery began with the secret ingredient in this “smart pill.”

A little-known fatty acid called DHA.

I say little-known, but scientists are recognizing this nutrient is the world’s most powerful “nootropic.”

Here’s why…

The human brain is 60% fat — almost entirely DHA. Without DHA, the brain cannot build or maintain high-quality cells.

Want to prevent foggy memory and loss of focus? DHA keeps the messages in your brain moving fast and accurately. It signals your brain to maintain healthy function and quick thinking.

And DHA is tremendously beneficial for healthy inflammation in your brain, and keeps brain cells alive.

Low DHA is also a marker for brain aging. The famous Framingham Study shows us people with lower DHA levels have smaller brains and do worse on tests of visual memory, function and thinking.

DHA is also the main nutrient that helps your brain grow new branches or “neural networks,” and renew and rejuvenate itself, so you can keep your brainpower and sharp thinking.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

In fact, a growing body of scientific research has shown DHA strengthens our cognitive abilities by…

✔ Aiding brain cell regeneration

✔ Crossing blood-brain barrier to lower known markers of Alzheimer’s

✔ Reducing neuroinflammation

✔ Preventing brain shrinkage

✔ Protecting against the build-up of amyloid proteins (one protein highly associated with Alzheimer’s) in certain parts of the brain

✔ Protecting neuroglial cells (clean up brain “debris”; transport nutrients to neurons, hold neurons in place; digest parts of dead neurons; regulate content of extracellular space and provide the insulation (myelin) to neurons)

✔ Providing the building blocks for brain repair

Problem was, we really had no way of delivering DHA to your brain cells.

Until now.”

Omega Rejuvenol

Omega Rejuvenol

New Source of DHA Enhances Brain Power

Calamari or squid oil may be the most potent source of DHA on Earth. we’ve found a unique squid that lives off the coast of South America in the pure waters of the Southern Pacific, called illex argentinus. After the oil is distilled it’s over 65% DHA — the highest concentration of DHA we’ve found.

And we get even MORE penetrating power by mixing it with krill oil, which is the best-absorbed DHA. The potent DHA from the squid oil binds to the highly-penetrable krill oil, and gets VIP access to your brain.

For the first time, I’ve combined these hard-to-get vitamins with the most powerful Omega-3s on earth

These dynamic vitamins include…
Vitamin D3: The telomerase supercharger – Vitamin D is the “sunshine vitamin” because the best way to get more of it is from the sun.

But according to Scientific American, three quarters of U.S. adults and teens are deficient in vitamin D.

And if you’re lacking vitamin D, genes that are designed to keep your heart, brain, blood sugar, blood pressure healthy CAN’T work properly.

More important, we now know that vitamin D supports healthy levels of telomerase, the enzyme that rebuilds telomeres. A recent study showed that vitamin D supercharges telomerase activity by 19.2%.8

This is why the new Omega Rejuvenol includes the most natural and usable form of vitamin D, vitamin D3.

Mixed Tocotrienols: The little-known telomere supporter – Mixed Tocotrienols are members of the vitamin E family, yet you won’t get them in any multi-vitamin or typical vitamin E supplement.

This overlooked form of vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that helps squelch age-robbing free radicals. It also helps keep your heart, brain and blood vessels healthy.

What’s more, the most well-known form of vitamin E, alpha tocopherol, protects against telomere shortening by activating and restoring telomerase.

Plus, in one study, telomere lengths were 16% longer than controls when exposed to gamma tocotrienol (a lesser known form of vitamin E).

With Primal Force Omega Rejuvenol, you get the right dose of Mixed Tocotrienols not found in typical vitamin E supplements to boost telomere and telomerase health and activity.

Vitamin K2: The missing longevity secret – Found in organ meats, egg yolks, some dairy products, fermented cheese curd and Japanese natto, vitamin K2 activates proteins that play a vital role in the health of your heart, bones, brain, joints and more.

Even better, vitamin K2 has been shown to have healthy, positive effects on telomere length and longevity. This may even explain why people who took 45 mcg of K2 every day were found to live seven years longer than those who only took 12 mcg per day, according to The Rotterdam Study.11

Yet most people don’t get enough vitamin K2, if any, from their diets or supplements. This is why each serving of Omega Rejuvenol also includes vitamin K2.

Vitamin A Retinol: The telomere best friend – Vitamin A supports clear vision…keeps your immune system strong …and promotes healthy, younger looking skin.

But most people take vitamin A beta carotene, not retinol. And you need vitamin A retinol because it’s linked to boosting telomere health and activity.

In a study reported in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, women who took vitamin A as part of a multivitamin had healthier telomeres.

This is why the new Omega Rejuvenol also includes the preferred form of vitamin A as retinol in each serving.

Each of these hard-to-get fat soluble vitamins help maintain telomere length and healthy activity of telomerase. It’s like you’re re-activating your body’s “eternal youth” gene!



13 super health benefits from just one softgel a day!

  1. Look younger with healthier, smoother skin
  2. Re-activate your body’s “eternal youth” gene
  3. Move easier wi th flexible, discomf01t -free joints
  4. Restore fading memory with a supercharged brain
  5. Feel energized with a stronger, powered-up heart
  6. Enjoy healthy LDL cholesterol
  7. Support healthy blood pressure
  8. Maintain healthy HDL (good) cholesterol
  9. Have great triglycerides
  10. Ease PMS discomfort
  11. Soothe stiff, uncomfortable joints
  12. Keep your blood sugar healthy
  13. Feel like you’ve had a 20-year rollback!


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