Sculptress Rejuvenating Facial Mask

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A few weeks ago Dr. Sears introduced his new Facial Mask. It’s called Sculptress. This Rejuvenating Facial Mask is the only doctor-developed mask on the market that immediately goes to work supporting your telomeres.

While other masks mainly work on the skin’s surface, they will cleanse and purify, pull dirt and toxins out of the skin’s pores and leave you with a refreshing glow, Sculptress will do all that plus support your telomeres.

Sculptress - Formulated to support telomeres, the body’s aging off switch

Sculptress – Formulated to support telomeres, the body’s aging off switch

Here are a few of the extraordinary natural ingredients in Sculptress:

  • Cat’s Claw: – Harvard University researchers discovered that the extract from this vine has the power to bring back the beauty and youthful appearance of our skin.

    cats claw

    Cat’s Claw – Harvard University discovered that the extract from this healing vine has the power to support the body’s telomeres.

  • Coconut oil with caprylic acid: – Lowers the PH of the skin to help reduce the surface tension so the skin can absorb nutrients more effectively. One study showed its use increased firmness by 35% and skin tone by 45% in just one month. Coconut oil also pulls toxins from the skin as it softens and nourishes.
  • Almond oil: – Great for smoothing and revitalizing the skin, a study in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology also reported that topical almond oil is capable of helping protect the skin to slow down father time.
  • Avocado oil: – Rich in vitamin E, avocado oil also contains sterolins which support soft skin. Avocado oil can help deliver the ingredients in Sculptress where they work best.
  • Papain: – A fruit enzyme extracted from the papaya, papain is a terrific natural exfoliater. The fruits acids help loosen dead, dry skin so you get glowing skin again.
  • Kaolin clay: – Helps to clear your pores of problematic dirt, oil, and pollutants.
  • Alpha hydroxy acids: – Help smooth lines and surface wrinkles for the appearance of smoother, firmer skin. A study of 52 volunteers using an AHA skin care regimen for 21 days showed a 32.5% improvement in the appearance of wrinkles and  42.9% improvement in the feel of the skin.
  • Prickly pear: – Contains a high amount of vitamin E and is ideal for tightening skin and helping support a decrease in the look of wrinkles and under-eye circles.

    Prickly Pear

    Prickly Pear – Anti-Aging Superstar

  • Bromelain: – The popular enzyme found in pineapple, bromelain naturally exfoliates for fresher, brighter-looking skin.

Learn more about Sculptress here

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