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The Key To A Healthy Heart Is Hidden In This Exotic Amazon Superfruit

When a group of researchers in New York analyzed a little-known superfruit, they found two NEW antioxidants that had been completely undiscovered. I knew exactly how they felt. I discovered this exotic, heart-healthy fruit on a research trek through in the Amazon jungle… The Key To A Healthy Heart Is Hidden In This Exotic Amazon Superfruit Cupuaçu is a tropical rainforest… Read more »

There is a Tropical Island Where People Don’t Get Cancer

Dr. Sears calls this the “Best book I’ve ever written” and it’s here, and it’s beautiful! The first printing of Dr Sears’ newest book, Healing Herbs of Paradise, just arrived. I haven’t felt this proud since I opened my Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine – Al Sears, MD, CNS From the desk of Dr. Al Sears MD, CNS Not too long ago,… Read more »

New Product Announcement: T-Max – African Aphrodisiac

The Zulu Warrior Secret to the Best, Longest, Most Pleasurable Sex of Your Life… Starting Tonight! Zulu medicine men used this “secret weapon” to transform their warriors into a front-line superhuman fighting force… one that defeated the world’s most powerful empire. Find out how this ancient root could also deliver the best sex of your life… starting tonight. Dear Reader More… Read more »