May 2017 Affiliate Newsletter

How to use Facebook and Instagram to be a Successful as an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing can be very overwhelming if you don’t have the necessary tools to attract customers. When I first started affiliate marketing, I thought that I would become successful by just posting on my personal Facebook page 2-3 times per week and my 500 friends would immediately jump on it – how wrong I was.

The good news is that you don’t have to have a slow start at becoming successful as an affiliate marketer. If use a few simple tools, you can watch your paycheck grow overnight!


1. Go Live!

Going Live on Facebook and Instagram has helped me gain followers and customers. Not only do I go Live to talk about products that I affiliate with, I go Live to interact with friends and followers. I share information, do live give-a-ways and even get on just to chat and answer questions. With Live, you can make your video public and when you do so, Facebook and Instagram notifies friends of friends to watch too!


Tips on Going Live

2. Expand Your Audience

Expanding my friends list was something that I was hesitant to do but tried it out and found a lot more success with. I started out with about 500 friends and now currently have an audience of 3,500 on Facebook and Instagram. I added people who share the same interests as me, were in Facebook groups that I was in and interacted with and also friends of friends.

3. Go Public

Making posts/profiles public also allows your posts to be shared and viewed by non-friends/followers. I do not add every person that sends me a request BUT they instantly become a follower of mine if I click decline – which still allows them to see all of my public affiliate posts.

4. Create Business Pages

Another thing that I do is have a business-only Instagram and Facebook. Here, I will post advertisements, tips and special news for my followers and those who like my page. When you have a business account, you are also able to run Facebook Ads to be viewed in other’s news feed. You can also share these Ads with people with specific interests, ages and locations. Ads run as low as a few dollars.

Learn How To Use Ads

5. Learn About Algorithm

Facebook algorithm is something that took me a long time to figure out. I had to run through trial and error to figure out what type of posts were viewed by most and which posts to shy away from. Have you ever wondered why your posts are not reaching enough people? It is most likely due to Facebook algorithm! I’ve included a helpful page that I use to understand this below.


Algorithm Basics

My 3 Favorite Applications for Scheduling Posts

1. Buffer – Facebook/Pinterest

2. Hootsuite – Facebook/Pinterest/Twitter

3. – Instagram
Take advantage of the content on our affiliate website and make your affiliate business personable.

I urge every one of you to try these tips yourself and see how positively it impacts your affiliate business!



Assistant Manager of Operations

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