12-Hour Portable Power Booster Clears Away Mental Cobwebs…

…And Fits Right in Your Pocket!

There’s a fast-acting power booster inside each cell of your body. I just tried it and it works!

Here is what Dr. Sears has to say about it…

It ramps up your energy, clears your mind and helps you sleep like a baby. But your body needs a fresh supply every day, and you’re probably not getting enough from your diet…

And when your levels drop, tiredness and fatigue can hit you like a ton of bricks.

Until now, an extra dose was only available by injection at a doctor’s office. But with a brand-new technology, I can give you this super-charged nutrient in a convenient spray.

It looks just like a breath freshener, and fits right in your pocket.

Just one pump gives you:

  • Immediate energy boost
  • Better concentration and mental focus
  • Reduced stress and irritability
  • Clear thinking; eliminates “brain fog”

This is exciting news, especially if you struggle with fatigue, low energy or have trouble concentrating. You may not realize it yet, but these nagging symptoms are often due to a lack of vitamin B12.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12

But getting more B12 is just the first step in ramping up your energy. There are a handful of herbs and nutrients that work together to give you an even BIGGER, more reliable energy lift.

In just a moment, I’ll show you what those are.

First, let me show you why B12 is critical to energy production, and why YOU may not have enough… even if you get B12 in your diet or vitamins.

Get a Quick “Pick Me Up” Anytime, Anywhere…

By having easy access to vitamin B12 — the kind that’s easy to absorb — you can quickly focus your mind, cut your stress levels and clear out those mental cobwebs “on demand.”

Whether you’re at home or on the road, you’ll have a portable power booster that gives you an immediate “lift.”

Best of all, it’s completely SAFE. Vitamin B12 is water-soluble. If you happen to give yourself more B12 than you need, the rest simply gets passed during your next trip to the bathroom.

Everyday Life can Rob You of Vitamin B12…

As much as I love driving my car and shopping at the grocery store, the conveniences of modern life can wreak havoc on your body. In the case of vitamin B12, corporate-style meat production is public enemy number one.

You see, the ONLY natural source of vitamin B12 comes from animal products — especially red meat. And that puts vegetarians at extreme risk. In fact, every vegetarian patient I’ve ever seen has trouble with B12.

But vegetarians aren’t the only ones at risk. Even steak lovers can run low on B12. You’ve heard me say this before, but the meat at your local grocery store is lacking in a big way. Levels of critical, life-saving nutrients like CoQ10 and vitamin B12 are all but missing in today’s beef.

By the time cattle get to the last stages of “production,” they are sick and diseased. Aside from the obvious dangers, these animals are deficient in the B-vitamins we humans so desperately need.

Vitamin B12 is a busy nutrient. It’s responsible for hundreds of critical functions your body takes care of every day. Even a slight deficiency and you’ll feel it. Confusion, memory loss and constant fatigue can creep up on you…

And you may never realize vitamin B12 is the real culprit. (Some doctors mistakenly diagnose their patients with Alzheimer’s disease, when the real problem is a lack of B12!)

And here’s another robber of B12: Refined sugar. The average American consumes more than 140 pounds of sugar every year. And high blood sugar breaks down your stores of vitamin B12. Alcohol too… the more you drink, the faster your B12 disappears.

Your Body has Trouble Using Even the Small Amounts
Of Vitamin B12 You Get from Your Diet

Your food just doesn’t have as much B12 as it used to. But many of the tools your body uses to absorb and transport B12 are also missing.

Vitamin B12 deficiency is very common for older folks. But it can be a problem for younger people too… Your body needs digestive enzymes and something calledintrinsic factor (IF) to take B12 from your food and get it into your bloodstream.

Under normal circumstances, your body uses IF to transport B12 into your blood. But certain prescriptions drugs can lower IF. And many processed foods cause inflammation in your stomach that wipes out IF.

And then there’s the problem with digestive enzymes… Raw foods have lots of enzymes. But when you cook your food, many of those enzymes disappear. And without digestive enzymes, your vitamin B12 NEVER gets absorbed.

For my patients who don’t want injections (or a raw-food diet) I developed a convenient spray that gives them a reliable source of vitamin B12 whenever they need it.

A Breakthrough Technology Makes My
Energy Formula HIGHLY Absorbable…

My new Re-Energized Spray is lightning fast. You feel it as soon as the cool spearmint mist hits the back of your throat. It works just like a breath freshener except it gives you a boost of energy that some of my patients say is better than a cup of coffee!

A new “delivery technology” makes this possible. In the past, only B12 injections gave you the same effect. And forget about taking B12 in a pill form. It’s slow and inefficient. It’s just not the same thing.

My Re-Energized Spray enters your bloodstream right away. It’s not held back by the poor absorption of conventional pill supplements. And you don’t need a shot in your backside.

And it’s not just B12 that makes this formula so effective.

A Powerful New Trio of Energy Boosters

Since my original B12 spray became available, I’ve added three additional ingredients to the formula to make my new Re-Energized Spray even more powerful…

Green Tree Extract – The combination of caffeine and theanine found in green tea gives you energy while balancing the nervous system to avoid the jitters that can come with coffee.

Ginseng – For ages this herb has been used as a natural energy booster. It helps your body use oxygen more effectively and regulate metabolism, which increases energy levels. It’s also used to stimulate brain cells and help improve concentration and thinking.

Schisandra Chinensis – This flowering vine grows in China. It’s been used since the dawn of Chinese civilization as a tonic herb to restore full-body energy, or what’s known as Qi. It’s also used to support concentration, memory and alertness.

 Re-Energized Spray.

Re-Energized Spray Ingredients

Re-Energized Spray is Already Helping
Hundreds of My Patients

“I love Re-energized… it’s so convenient and easy to take. It gives me a ‘wake up call’ every morning. It’s also great after lunch when I get that ‘afternoon slump’ Thanks again…”

— Jeffrey R.; Wellington, FL

“My doctor said I had attention deficit disorder (ADD) and wanted to give me drugs. But then I saw Dr. Sears and he gave me his Re-energized spray. Not only is it fun and easy to use, it helps me focus and stay centered… I never imagined B12 could do so much. Thank you for giving me a real solution!”

— Kevin B.; Boca Raton, FL

Easy access to highly absorbable vitamin B12 puts you on the fast track to vibrant health. Aside from energy on demand and mental clarity, many of my patients report extra “perks” like better sleep…

“Thank you Dr. Sears. My stress levels are much lower! I always take a shot or two of Re-energized spray before bed. After a few minutes, my thoughts calm down and it’s much easier for me to fall asleep. Ironically, it helps wake me up in the morning too! I don’t understand how B12 can be so powerful but it sure does help!”

— Margaret S.; Jupiter, FL

There’s NO doubt about it… Getting enough B12 to keep you going is a real challenge. And based on what I see in my own patients, B12 deficiency is a growing — but silent — epidemic.

But don’t wait for mainstream medicine to catch up… (They won’t.)

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