How To Seamlessly Embed Affiliate Links

How to Post Affiliate Links Without Overwhelming Your Readers

We pay the highest commissions in the industry — while others may be 12-15%, we’ll pay you net 25% (less shipping and handling) on initial orders (PLUS, you receive 10% on recurring sales when they bill! Because we surpass industry standards, being an Al Sears affiliate has become one of the best ways to monetize your blog and email newsletters.

You’ve invested a great deal of time growing your blog and newsletter email list and now you ready to start monetizing your blog. Participating in an affiliate program is an excellent way to do so but you may be worried that adding Affiliate links will ruin the integrity of your content. Well, here are some subtle ways to include Affiliate links into your content.

    1. Use Text Links: The simplest way to add an Affiliate link is by text link. The reader is gently prompted to click on the link if they choose to learn more about the topic or product. For example – Take My 3-Minute Face Tightening Challenge…
    2. Banner Links: You can embed banner links in your post, shoppingnow
      Or create a shopping page specifically for such links.

      affiliate link shopping page

      Use banner links to create a shopping page

    3. Create custom links to specific page on the merchants site. Custom links will have your specific affiliate tracking string built in. For example, if you would like to send traffic to one of our advertorials, creating a custom link could be better option that embedding the advertorial in your blog. Click here to get instructions on how to create a custom link.
    4. Coupon and Deals – customers love a good deal, they are great resource for your readers and typically high converting. Just don’t over do them.

      affiliate link Use coupon deals

      Use coupon deals

    5. Use the sidebar of your blog or newsletter. If you choose not to include an affiliate link in the body of your content, you can place them in the the sidebar. This will make them less intrusive. Create a header and name it something like “Featured Products” or “Products I like”, place banner ads linking to the products.

I’d love to see how you are including affiliate links in your content.

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