How To Promote Affiliate Products On Your Blog

10 Ways To Promote Dr Sears’ Affiliate Products On Your Blog

Promote affiliate products

10 ways to promote affiliate products on your blog

  1. Write a product review – Most , if not all of your are using one or more of Dr. Sears products. Tell your audience about you experience using the products. Tell your audience about tips and trick that you have discovered while using the product.
  2. Do a Case Study – Write a detailed post of the results you got from using an affiliate product. For example, “How Primal Lean and Bali Slim helped you to loose 30 pounds in 30 days”. You can then create a ‘case study’ post and show your audience how these products helped you with your weight loss goals. A post like this should be heavily documented – include before and after photos, progress photos, video testimonial, etc.
  3. Speaking of Videos – Make a video – If you are comfortable making videos, create one. You can show how to use products as a part of your daily routine. For example, if Ultimate Skin Care is a part of your Skin Care Regimen, record your use of these products and post the video to your blog. You can also post the video to Youtube  and Facebook – these are great ways to promote affiliate products.
  4. Add Affiliate Banners On Your Site – Log in to your affiliate account and choose a banner link to add to your blog. Add them to the header, body, side bar or footer of your blog. It’s your choice. If you are blogging about a particular product,  add the banner to the body of your blog.
  5. Create a “products I use page” – You can create a static page on your blog that has a list of all the products you endorse. Make sure they are linked to your affiliate ID. When someone clicks on them, you will get credit from any resulting sales.
  6. Do you have an email newsletter? – Put  your affiliate links and banner in your newsletter. Be careful not to spam your subscribers. Offer products that are relevant to your email topic.
  7. Place your affiliate link in your email signature – Each affiliate should create a professional email signature. Place a link to the product catalog or your favorite product in your email signature. You can also put links to your social pages in your signature.
  8. Post On Social Media – Post a picture of your favorite product on social media – you can even post pictures of you doing the PACE workout. Add some text, hashtags and your affiliate link. Post this to all your social media networks.
  9. Do a giveaway – One of our affiliate uses her Buy One Get One affiliate code for Native Rest to do a giveaway. She keeps one for herself and offers the second as a giveaway on her blog.  Log in to your account now to get your custom affiliate code.
  10. Link the product(s) at the end of your blog post – Include a call to action at the end of your post that have affiliate products.

    Call To Action Button

    Call To Action Button

How do you promote your affiliate products?

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