Use These Video Marketing Tips to Boost Affiliate Sales

Tips to help you improve the performance of your video content.

I am super excited to see that several affiliates are using video marketing to maximize sales. I have a few tips that will help to improve performance.

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    Develop an Appealing Story for your Video. Spend time creating great content for your video. The more time you put into your video content, the better it’s going to perform. Even if you’re doing a live video on Facebook Live or Periscope, take the time to plan out what you’re doing.

  2. Keep the Video Short and Engaging. Try to hook the viewer in the first 3-7 seconds. The first 3-7 seconds is where videos see the highest abandonment rate. Use this time to intrigue your audience.
    Although your audio content is crucial, it’s equally important to focus on your visuals. As much as 85% of Facebook video is viewed with the sound off.
  3. Make the Video Interactive! Software like Easy Sketch Pro  allows LIVE links in video to Facebook, YouTube , Skype, Sound Cloud and many more. Videos like these allow the customer to take part in the video and affect its outcome.You create a dynamic story line that will enable viewers to select different decisions and have control over the video. Using this technique will allow you to collect valuable information about the behavior of your customers.  Click here to see how one of affiliate is using this video technique.
  4. Add Call to Action Button at the End of your Video. Use the few seconds at the end to add contact information along with a call to action button.
  5. Share Video Across All Your Platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. Include your Snapchat or Instagram username in the post as a call to action, and ask your followers to connect with you on those platforms for exclusive content.Share your YouTube videos across multiple platforms, and embed your broadcasts on your website or blog where you can provide additional information.
  6. Engage With Your Viewers. It is important to engage with your viewers. Respond to all comments that come in after your video has gone live, and encourage viewers to post their opinions as well.When viewers feel safe to express themselves they become subscriber. When people subscribe to your YouTube channel, they’ll get a notification when new videos are posted to your channel. When viewership increases, you rank better in search.
  7. Optimize Your Video for Search Engines. Add a catchy title and description, relevant tags, a script for closed captioning, and a custom thumbnail that will entice viewers to click through. Always provide additional links in the video description box like contact information, special offers, promotions, events, etc.
  8. Don’t neglect your analytics. This can inform future strategies. Be sure to look at the viewer drop-off rate. This will tell you at what point your audience is clicking out of your video, and it can help you discover weaknesses in your content. Look for common trends within videos, and see if you can identify any problems that you can avoid in the future.You should also look at the number of views over time. This key metric tells you what content your audience enjoys.Facebook Insights will show you your post reach, video views, views of 30 seconds or more, and percentage of views of 30 seconds or more. Use this information to determine what your optimal video length should be, and what type of content performs best on the platform.

Video Marketing

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