Dr. Sears Newest Product Launch: The Awful Truth About Turmeric

The awful truth

Whether you’re taking a turmeric supplement or
just considering it,
you need to see my shocking findings.

A discovery that could mean the difference between
getting ALL or NONE of turmeric’s proven health benefits.

Dear Reader,

You know I’ve touted the healing benefits of turmeric — and specifically its active ingredient curcumin — for years.

Long before it became a fad, I’ve talked about how it’s more powerful than Big Pharma’s synthetic chemicals… without the side effects.

But get this:

Here at the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine, we do NOT use typical turmeric supplements.

You see, in spite of all of turmeric’s health benefits, scientists have established that it has one drawback:

It’s very difficult for our bodies to absorb.

Three specific things are needed to solve that:

  • The right kind of curcumin, specifically three of the most powerful curcuminoids, at the right dose: 1000 mg per day
  • A proven delivery mechanism, shown by studies to get curcumin to your cells
  • And, perhaps most important all, similar ancient roots that MAGNIFY curcumin’s power.

These are all things that most so-called “turmeric” supplements are lacking…

And the result is…

They do NOT metabolize in your body…

They do NOT get to your cells where it’s needed most…

And they do NOT cross your blood-brain barrier.

The sad truth: most turmeric users only get LESS THAN 5% of its true healing potential.

Isn’t it outrageous that even with the mountain of scientific research proving its benefits… we still lack access to a TRUE source of something so powerful — and so proven — as turmeric?

I thought so.

That’s why I tasked my research team with the challenge of forming the world’s best, most absorbable kind of turmeric…

Adding similar roots and herbs that synergistically work with turmeric.

And combining it with the right technology that delivers its maximum healing potential…

A special “delivery system” that transforms turmeric from a kitchen spice into the world’s most powerful healer.

After over 12 months of preparation, I believe we’ve formulated…

The Biggest Turmeric Breakthrough
in 4,000 YEARS OF USE

And in just a moment, you’ll see why this is several generations ahead of conventional turmeric.

You’ll also discover…

  • How my patients are already seeing benefits you can’t get with most turmeric supplements.
  • 3 other natural roots I added that are proven to AMPLIFY turmeric’s strength.
  • And how you too can begin to experience the TRUE potential of turmeric, for the first time ever.

I traveled the world to find three natural roots with outstanding health benefits.

I’ll reveal all of this, and more, in just a moment.

But before I do, allow me to share with you what turmeric can REALLY do…

In fact, it delivers no less than 619 Essential Benefits for just about everything you can imagine.

Turmeric Delivers Over 619 Known Health Benefits

In a number of clinical trials, the results have been nothing short of remarkable, including…

Clinical Trials Prove Turmeric is More Powerful than The Popular Treatments in your Medicine Cabinet — Without Side Effects

Good cholesterol levels

Proof: In a study published in the journal Molecular Nutrition and Food Research, animals were given curcumin and a popular cholesterol solution over 18 weeks. The curcumin did better at supporting healthy cholesterol levels and gave no side effects. 15

Greater joint comfort

Proof: Published in the Journal of Clinical Interventions of Aging, knee joint patients were given either a popular joint treatment or curcumin. Over the course of six weeks, both groups saw the exact same support of healthy joints, but there was one difference: the curcumin group saw zero side effects. 16

Normal erectile function

Proof: In a study published in the International Journal of Impotence, researchers treated animals in three group: curcumin; a best-selling erectile solution; and a combination of the two. They found the curcumin group and the combination group “could enhance erectile function with more efficacy and more prolonged duration of action.” 17

Sharp vision and
healthy eyes

Proof: Researchers treated patients with vision problems using curcumin in one group and a popular eyesight therapy in the other. In three months, 100% of patients taking curcumin saw healthy middle layers of eyeball tissue. The other group only saw 86% success. What’s more, a follow-up done three years later found the curcumin group had greater long-term eye health support, and with no side effects.18

More Upbeat Mood

Proof: In the journal Phytotherapy Research, researchers split up patients into three groups, giving one curcumin; one a popular mood booster; and the other a combination of the two. In the span of six weeks, curcumin and the popular mood booster worked equally well, but the combination of the two did better with fewer side effects. 19

Healthy Glucose Levels

Proof: Auburn University researchers compared curcumin to a popular blood sugar solution in their ability to balance glucose levels. They found curcumin was a stunning 10,000 times more powerful at supporting healthy glucose, and with no side effects.20

The list goes on and on.

This is just a small sample of what turmeric can do for you better — and safer — than anything else…

These are the sort of life-changing results my patients and I are now used to seeing all of the time.

But it’s only possible IF the turmeric is actually absorbable… and IF it crosses the blood-brain barrier.

Which is why I’ve added a new technology that’s proven to achieve both those things.

Something that a study at St. John’s University found enhances the power of turmeric by 2,000%.21

New Technology Enhances Turmeric’s Power
by 2,000%

Researchers there compared blood levels of curcumin alone vs. combining it with bioperine…

And within 45 minutes of use, patients saw a stunning 2,000% increase in curcumin levels.


Not only that, lasted longer in the bloodstream.

Now research is confirming that it actually WORKS better, too.

Special Technology Helps Curcumin
Better Support Healthy Cholesterol
and Triglyceride Levels

In one study, researchers took healthy animals, split them into three groups, and fed them a high-fat diet.22

In addition, group 2 received curcumin and group 3 received curcumin and piperine. And the results were breathtaking…

In over four weeks, the group that received curcumin and piperine saw NO changes to their blood levels.

In other words, the effects of a high-fat diet on their cholesterol and triglyceride levels were negligible.

In fact, their HDL (“good”) cholesterol levels actually increased!

That’s what curcumin is SUPPOSED to do. And piperine helps it get those results.

Enhances Mood, Happiness and Positive Attitude

In another study, researchers treated melancholic animals with curcumin or a combination with piperine.23

They found that the curcumin/piperine significantly boosted the subject’s dopamine and serotonin levels, which are essential to mood and happiness.

The study concludes,

“Curcumin along with piperine may prove to be a useful and potent natural approach in the management of mood.”

Superior at Maintaining Healthy
Blood Sugar Levels

In another study, researchers treated animals in three groups: 1) curcumin alone 2) a standard blood sugar solution or 3) curcumin and piperine. 24

One month later, they analyzed the glucose levels and saw better results in the curcumin/piperine group compared to the other groups!

The curcumin/piperine group also saw…

  • Better support for healthy LDL cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Better support for healthy weight levels
  • And support for healthy glucose levels

And that’s just for starters…

A series of global studies are finding that curcumin and piperine together work better than curcumin alone to shield your mind and body from oxidative stress 25and neurotoxicity 26, and helps support healthy DNA. 27

All of which are shown to wreak havoc your health.

The research is clear:

This “bioperine” delivery system makes the difference between getting only a fraction of curcumin’s potential…

Or the full spectrum of its true healing benefit. And that means serious results like…

  • A longer, healthier life;
  • “Sharp-as-a-tack” thinking and memory recollection;
  • Easy, comfortable, pain-free mobility;
  • Crystal-clear eyesight;
  • A happier, calmer mindset — free from stress, anxiety and worry;
  • Healthy blood sugar levels;
  • Healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels;
  • Easy, smooth, hassle-free digestion;
  • Healthy kidneys, liver and lungs;
  • A slim, fit figure;
  • A healthy, ageless heart;
  • And much, much more.

You don’t enjoy results like these unless you have a proven delivery system for turmeric.

That’s why I refused to make a curcumin formula without including one, like so many supplement makers have.herbs

But I took it a step further.

Two steps further, to be exact.

I’ve added two spices that belong to the curcumin “family”.

They’re both members of the elite group of rhizomes (root-like underground stems).

They’re both staples of ancient Ayurvedic medicine that go back over 4,000 years, just like curcumin.

And they both have similar proven benefits as curcumin, and act on age-related inflammation in a similar way.

So when all three are added together, they not only complement, but magnify curcumin’s results.

These are just a few reasons why I’ve made them key to my new formula: Curcumin Triple Burn.

Let me tell you a little bit about each right now… and why they make curcumin even more powerful…

Curcumin Amplifier #2:

Sacred Texts Call it “The Spice from Heaven”

The first is perhaps the world’s oldest medicinal spice, used going back 5,000 years at least.

It was first grown in Ancient China and India, where it was touted as a gift from God.

Then it spread all around the world as a luxury and powerful form of medicine.

In fact, ancient texts going back to the earliest Sanskrit literature praise it as an all-purpose healer.

So do medicinal books in ancient Rome, Greece and the Middle East.

The Quran calls it a “spice from heaven.”

Most of the prescriptions written in Chinese traditional medicine included a combination of herbs.

And this one was in over half of them!

Explorer Marco Polo thoroughly documented its cultivation and use in his expedition to East Asia.

The Roman Empire considered it a luxury reserved for the rich.

And it was very expensive: one pound of this spice was equivalent to a whole sheep or cow.

But not the kind in your spice cabinet, cookies or soda. Nor just any plain ol’ ginger supplement.I’m talking about ginger, of course.

Instead, I recommend a concentrated dose of its most powerful medicinal compound: gingerol.

Just like curcumin is the molecular “hero” in turmeric, so too is gingerol the powerhouse inside ginger.

And now scientists are finding that the ancients were more right than you could imagine. Some of its benefits include…

  • Nausea relief 28
  • Fast metabolism and healthy weight levels 29
  • Healthy blood flow and circulation
  • Smooth, comfortable joints 30
  • Healthy blood pressure levels 31
  • Healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels 32
  • Smooth, hassle-free digestion
  • Healthy blood sugar levels 33
  • Improved insulin support 34

That’s why I call ginger “nature’s multi-tool.” There’s not much it can’t do or help. And now we know why…

You see, ginger “switches off” the genes that cause age-related inflammation — much like curcumin.

The most powerful of these is the molecule Nuclear Factor-kappa beta (NF-kB) — the body’s inflammation command center.

Shuts Down Our Body’s “Inflammation Command Center”

NF-kB is the “switch” that activates over 400 of our body’s pro-inflammatory genes. Including the enzymes COX-2, iNOS and LOX.

As a result it provides our body the blueprint for regulating its inflammatory response.

Big Pharma considers it the “Holy Grail” for age-related inflammation. But they’ve failed to reliably and safely target it using drugs. 35

That’s okay.

Because nature already designed at least two powerful NF-kB deactivators: curcumin and ginger.

Curcumin’s effects on NF-kB are renowned. But it’s hardly known that ginger does the exact same thing. 36

In combination they’re a powerful duo against the leading cause of age-related inflammation.

That’s also why studies point to ginger as such a powerful joint remedy.

One double-blind study treated 120 joint patients with either a placebo or gingerol.

In just 12 weeks, the ginger group saw remarkably healthy inflammation markers.

The researchers conclude it’s because the gingerol extract deactivated the NF-kB gene. 37

The result: its joint-relief benefits are second to none.

In fact, researchers at the University of Miami are now saying that ginger could be a first-line joint treatment. 38

In a double-blind study, they compared gingerol extract to a placebo in 261 knee joint patients.

They found the ginger supported healthy joint comfort by 40 percent over the placebo… in just six weeks.

“Research shows that ginger affects certain inflammatory processes at a cellular level,” says the study’s lead author, Roy Altman, MD. 39

What makes ginger so powerful?

Most joint solutions simply block the formation of certain inflammatory compounds.

Ginger, on the other hand, not only “turns off” the master commander of age-related inflammation…

But also has antioxidant effects that break down existing inflammation and acidity in the fluid within the joints.

That’s why the researchers concluded that its work superior to popular joint treatments.

“Ginger has anti-inflammatory… and antioxidant activities, as well as a small amount of [pain relieving] property,” says Roberta Lee, MD, vice chair of the Department of Integrative Medicine at Beth Israel Medical Center.

But ginger didn’t deliver these results alone.

In fact, there was another spice used in the study that went overlooked.

Curcumin’s other, lesser-known relative.

It’s the third member of the elite group of rhizome plants.

In combination with ginger, the research shows it works wonders on a variety of health concerns.

Like curcumin and ginger, it has a 4,000-year history of use in ancient medicine systems.

So it was a no-brainer as my third curcumin amplifier.

Curcumin Amplifier #3:
“The Spice of Life”

It’s called galangal.

Just like ginger, galangal warms the body and aids in digestion. It’s also a powerful anti-nausea remedy.

Of course, it also shows similar antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial powers. 40

Since it doesn’t have the same recognition as either curcumin or ginger, it hasn’t been studied so extensively.

But researchers are already calling it “the gold mine of future therapeutics.41

It was not until the 800s AD that galangal found its way in to European hands through spice trade with the East.

The famed St. Hildegard, a renowned healer and expert in herbal medicine, recognized galangal’s powers and dubbed it the “Spice of Life.”

A cure-all for many conditions that ravaged Europe at the time.

In fact, amidst the Bubonic Plague that destroyed a third of Europe’s population, people created potential life-saving medicines.

Medicines that included galangal due to its antimicrobrial properties.

One of the most famous legends was that of the “Four Thieves” — four men who went around sacking the homes of plague victims, but never contracted the plague.

Their immunity was credited to the “Four Thieves Oil” they designed, which included galangal.

That’s just a few reasons why I’ve made galangal one of the key ingredients of my new breakthrough.

Again, I call it Curcumin Triple Burn.

The “Next Generation” of Curcumin is Here

In all my years on the cutting edge of natural health, I’ve never seen a curcumin formula like it. None that include a therapeutic dose of curcuminoids… delivery technology proven to enhance its absorption by 2,000%… or spices that complement and amplify curcumin’s healing potential.

But that’s not all.

I’ve added one more extra “kicker” to boost this formula’s results.

Bonus Curcumin Amplifier

This final ingredient belongs to an elite class of herbs called “adaptogens.”

And just as the name sounds, it adapts to what your body needs, at any given moment.

Need sleep? Energy? Stamina? Stress relief?

These herbs are so smart, and so powerful, they deliver it you. And the effects last all day long.

Adaptogens recently started gaining ground in America, but in India, Russia and China they’ve been a staple form of medicine for thousands of years.

Over 25 herbs are classified as adaptogens. One in particular is being recognized as a leader in Ayurvedic medicine.

And I’ve made this “smart herb” the platoon leader of my curcumin formula.

So while the curcumin, the two other spices, and the delivery system are the elite soldiers…

This herb harnesses their full healing potential… commands exactly where they target… and keeps them disciplined, working all throughout the day, in any situation, for whatever your body needs.

Its scientific name is Ocimum Sanctum. It’s better known as Holy Basil, or “Tulsi.”

Within Ayurveda, Holy Basil is known as “The Incomparable One,” “Mother Medicine of Nature,” and “The Queen of Herbs.”

And it’s revered as an “elixir of life” without equal in its healing powers, which are now being confirmed by modern science.

One group of scientists that reviewed all of the studies conducted on Holy Basil even called it…

“The Wonder Herb” 42

Another group of researchers call it an “herb for all reasons.” 43 And it’s not hard to see why.

The World’s Ultimate Stress-Buster

Tulsi – just like other adaptogens – is proven to balance serum levels of cortisol.44 And that’s no small matter.

The so-called “stress hormone” is proven to wreak havoc on your mind and body.

Psychology Today is even calling cortisol “Public Enemy No. 1.” 45

And now we know why it’s so dangerous…

You see, it was previously thought cortisol overload simply broke down our immune system… causing colds.

According to groundbreaking new research at Carnegie Mellon University, high levels of cortisol – caused by chronic stress – decrease the sensitivity of our immune cells to hormone signaling.But it’s not so simple.

The illness that results is simply the “side effect” of the runaway inflammation. 46This triggers the immune system’s cytokine cells to release a non-stop inflammatory response.

Perhaps that’s why stress has been implicated in just about every health concern imaginable.

And why Holy Basil – a proven cortisol regulator – is proven to work on so many age-related conditions.

Take one study done on blood sugar patients. 47

Half of the patients were given 2.5 g of holy basil leaf powder daily, and the other half were given a placebo for four weeks.

Compared to the control group, the group administered holy basil experienced some amazing results.

Not only did fasting glucose and post-meal glucose reach normal healthy levels. They saw enhanced support for healthy cholesterol levels during the treatment as well!

In another study, holy basil extract (500 mg twice daily) enhanced mood in unhappy middle-aged adults.

It also improved the “willingness to adjust” to circumstances beyond their control – a key factor in stress-induced sadness. 48

And it’s a powerful brain booster, too – much like curcumin.

In a human study, researchers found that 300 mg a day of holy basil leaf extract produced a significant improvement in many different cognitive parameters, including reaction time and error rates on standardized tests, as well as on a test that measures anxiety. 49

This is the final ingredient in my new curcumin breakthrough formula: Curcumin Triple Burn.

Amazing: What You Get in Every Single Pill

With every single dose of Curcumin Triple Burn you get…

At last! The full power of turmeric unleashed…
And for LESS THAN $1

Nothing quite has health-concerned individuals so excited as turmeric. And for good reason…

It seems like every day the new science shows its healing potential is second to none.

There’s almost nothing it can’t do for your body… no result it can’t deliver… and no health concern it doesn’t address.

That’s why I’ve gone above and beyond to not only release turmeric’s MAXIMUM potential…

But to make it even more affordable, and accessible to YOU.

As you may know, I’ve referred to curcumin as the $1 pill. And that’s certainly true, at least for most formulas.

Yet even with everything I’ve added to this formula…

Even with the complementary herbs…

Even with the 2,000% boosting technology… and the adaptogen to harness its full potential…

On top of a therapeutic 1,000 mg dose of the three most powerful curcuminoids…

I’m going to do better than $1 for you.

The 70-Cent Pill for Everything

If you select the three-month, Auto Delivery option – you can lock in this curcumin breakthrough for just 70 cents a day. So please, don’t delay. I really want you to take advantage of my offer right now. That’s just 35 cents per pill.

I want you to start enjoying every benefit turmeric has to offer…

I want you to experience its unparalleled 619 proven health benefits…

I want you to start feeling younger brain power, energy and vitality.

So don’t wait any longer. Click here to order.

To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, MD, CNS

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How To Do Facebook Live Using a Public Page

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facebooklive_pageFacebook Live video streaming service that lets anyone broadcast live videos from their mobile device straight to their Facebook News Feed. With it you can connect with your fans, friends and followers by sharing real-time video of what you’re seeing and doing. You can show your expertise in real time, take people behind the scenes, promote products your are selling and much more.

Facebook Live for Business Pages.

Since going live on a personal page is as easy as tapping the live icon on your status update, I will focus on going live on a business or fan page.

  1. Download Facebook Page Manager App.
  2. Go to your Page’s Facebook profile and open up the status bar by clicking facebook-write-status-update.jpg, as if you’re going to write a new post.
  3. Tap the live icon which currently looks like a movie camera.


    Facebook Live

  4. Give Facebook access to your camera and microphone when prompted.
    You’ll stop receiving these prompts after the first time you use it.
  5. Press the blue “Continue” button on the introductory page. This will NOT start the recording.
  6. Choose your privacy setting. since your are posting for your business, I suggest you make it public.

    If you’re new to Facebook Live and want to test it out first, or want to see what something will look like, set the privacy setting to “Only Me.” You can find the “Only Me” option by clicking “More” and scrolling all the way to the bottom.

  7. Write an attention-grabbing headline and that will help your audience understand what your broadcast is about.
  8. Set up your camera view. Before you click “Go Live,” be sure your camera’s pointing in the direction you want it to. The background of your setup screen will show you what your camera sees. If you want to change the camera view to selfie or vice versa, simply click the rotating arrows icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

    The video will be a square, so it doesn’t matter whether you hold your mobile device vertically or horizontally.

  9. Click the “Go Live” button to start broadcasting. Once you click it, you will get a countdown — “3, 2, 1 …” — and then you’ll be live. As soon as you start streaming, your live video will appear in your News Feed — and others’ News Feeds — just like any other post.
  10. Click “Finish” to end the broadcast. Once you do this, the video will stay on your Timeline or Page like any other video post.
  11. Save the video to your camera roll so you have a copy of the original for safekeeping.. Once you finish your broadcast, you will have the option to “save Your Camera Roll”.

For larger businesses such as Al Sears, It is important to verify your page since these pages have several administrators.  Once you page has been verified, login to your Facebook business manage account and go live!

How do you plan on using Facebook Live in your affiliate marketing? I’d love to hear your ideas.



How to Subscribe to a RSS Feed

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What is RSS

What is RSS?

RSS – Rich Site Summary often called Really Simple Syndication, is a format for delivering regularly changing web content. An RSS feed of a page strips the information down to the bare essentials — usually the main text content, main images, or, if it’s a podcasts and video channels, the content itself.

A RSS feed allows you to easily stay informed by retrieving the latest content from the sites you are interested in. You save time by not needing to visit each site individually. You ensure your privacy by not needing to join each site’s email newsletter.

RSS Aggregator

An RSS aggregator, also known as feed reader, is a program that runs in the background and constantly waits for your favorite sites to post new content. When something new is uploaded on a site you’re subscribed to, it instantaneously gets sent to your feed reader.

Aggregators typically come in two varieties; they can be Web-based or desktop-based. One of the most popular web-based feed readers is Bloglines. It’s free and easy to get started with. Two popular desktop based feed readers are Newsgator and Feed Demon.

You may already be using a form of feed reader, and not even realize it. If you use personalized home page services like My Yahoo or My MSN, you’ve got RSS capabilities built in. That’s how syndicated content like news, weather and stock quotes appears on your personal page. You can also add content from any blog or other site that uses RSS to provide updates.

 How to subscribe to a RSS Feed


RSS Icon

Look for the subscription or feed options. If the site you want to subscribe to uses FeedBurner to aid in the subscription process (like this and many other popular sites), you’ll likely see the standard RSS icon, which takes you to a page that will give you an array of the most popular feed readers so you can select yours, and you’ll go from there.

Once you’ve installed an aggregator or have subscribed via a web feed reader, you can start subscribing to your favorite sites.

Advantages of using RSS

RSS feeds give you 100% complete control when subscribing to site.

You do not need to reveal your email address. If you want to stop receiving content, you don’t have to request to be “taken off the list”. With one click, you can unsubscribe.

Since you do not need to provide your email address, there is no way a publisher can sell, rent or give away the means to contact you. The end result, no more spam, viruses, phishing, or identity theft. And best of all, no reason to put yourself at the mercy of the publisher’s intentions.

Are you a Primal Force Affiliate?

Add this link ( to your RSS reader to be notified when new creatives are added.



There is a Tropical Island Where People Don’t Get Cancer

Dr. Sears calls this the “Best book I’ve ever written” and it’s here, and it’s beautiful! The first printing of Dr Sears’ newest book, Healing Herbs of Paradise, just arrived.

I haven’t felt this proud since I opened my Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine – Al Sears, MD, CNS

From the desk of Dr. Al Sears MD, CNS
Tropical island

Not too long ago, I read something that made me pack a bag and get on a 30-hour plane ride to the other side of the world:

People in Bali don’t get cancer nearly as often as we do in America

I wanted to know why. After all, they don’t have access to oncologists or sophisticated diagnostic equipment. Why was I much more likely to get cancer than someone from Bali?

I got off the plane and found my way into the wilds of a jungle at the foot of a volcano in Ubud, Bali… and that’s where I discovered the Secret of Jamu.

Trusted by locals for thousands of years, the “Jamu Secret” is:

   Effective against every type of cancer in the world

  Powerful enough to kill MRSA

  Able to stop heart disease

  Used to treat Parkinson’s, COPD, Alzheimer’s…

And hundreds of other diseases plaguing us in the West.

When I got back to my clinic in South Florida, I went to work securing an active compound from the “Jamu Secret.” Once I had it identified, I began recommending it to all my patients.

The results are truly astonishing.

Take V.S., who was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer and stunned her doctors when she refused mainstream cancer treatments and opted to try the “Jamu Secret” instead.

Now completely cancer-free, V.S. is at the center of a medical storm involving the same doctors who warned her against the “Jamu Secret” — they want to study her, fascinated with her results.

With these kinds of dramatic results, I knew I needed to get this news to you as soon as possible.

When I started digging for more research on the “Secret,” I found some really interesting information…

  • Researchers at Harvard are studying the “Jamu Secret” — and discovering that one simple diet change can cut your risk for heart-related illness in half.1
  • Indian scientists are learning why the “Jamu Secret” has a powerful effect on Alzheimer’s. 2
  • The department of biology at Georgia State University is looking into the anti-cancer properties of the “Jamu Secret.”  And discovering that it is quite good at killing prostate cancer cells. 3

These amazing discoveries are happening in laboratories all over the world…  my research team and I uncovered nearly 300 studies in all. But if all these scientists are busy studying the “Jamu Secret,” why did I have to travel all the way to Bali to discover it for myself?

I’ll tell you why in a minute.

But first I want to share the “Jamu Secret” with you… because I think you deserve to know about these life-saving — and life-changing — treatments and cures that have remained hidden long enough.

I have made it my life’s mission to discover and bring you remedies and cures for some of the most challenging diseases of our time — including the greatest “Super Disease” of all…


I focus on treatments and cures that you won’t hear about from mainstream medicine or the media.

I’ve visited six continents and countless countries to learn from the greatest healers on the planet. I bring back proven cures that work for the patients in my clinic… and readers like you.

Dr. Sears in Ubud, Bali.

I have spent my entire life waiting to go to Bali. When I was a child, my dad would tell me exotic stories about World War II… and of all the places he traveled, Bali was his favorite.

The rare black beaches… wild, untamed jungles… and the beautiful, generous people who lived there.

Little did he know I would visit Bali more than five decades later on a mission to win a war of a different kind…

The war against cancer… heart disease… aging… and the war against Big Pharma.

What does Big Pharma have to do with it?

The companies that manufacture expensive prescription drugs aren’t sending scientists to Bali to look for cures, because cures don’t make them money.

Treatments do. The longer you have to stay on their treatments, the better — as far as they’re concerned.

That’s just wrong.

So I went to Bali to discover what Big Pharma was hiding.

I also wanted to find out why the cancer rate is so low in Bali… and what I discovered was shocking.

Even with my extensive experience with native healing and a lifelong belief in all-natural cures… I was truly amazed at the sheer number of diseases the “Jamu Secret” can treat.

So “secret,” even the people in Bali don’t know about it.

Bali is an island province of Indonesia, home to over 4 million people.

For hundreds — if not thousands — of years, the healers and herbalists of Bali have passed down information by word of mouth to their children and students.

But like almost every place else on earth, civilization is hijacking the younger generations. With very few students studying this traditional knowledge, Obat Asli Bali… the healing herbs of Bali… are now dangerously close to being lost forever.

Fortunately, there are two people fighting desperately to make sure this knowledge is preserved — and they want me to share these important cures with you before it’s too late.

I urged Westi and Lelir — a husband and wife team descended from generations of Balinese farmers and herbalists — to tell me everything they knew.

They decided to confide in me because they know I have thousands of patients who can benefit from the “Jamu Secret.” But this information is too important to share with just my patients.

I realized I had to get word out to as many people as I could, right away. That’s why I’m writing to you today.

Here are just a few things the “Jamu Secret” can do:

  • There is a flower the Balinese hold sacred. The natives use it to control their weight… I learned it can stop melanoma in its tracks. 4
  • And a tree that not only soothes coughs, it kills MRSA — the incredibly tough bacteria that’s resistant to most antibiotics. 5
  • A tropical bloom that can make your hair shiny… and guards against DNA damage that causes premature aging. (If you live in a warm climate, this one might be growing in your backyard right now!)
  • There are DOZENS of roots, herbs, leaves, plants and berries that prevent, treat and cure every type of cancer on earth… many of which are for sale in your health food store or online.

Flowers are so important on Bali, some are considered sacred.

You heard me right.

There are so many anti-cancer plants in Bali, I eventually lost count. And the Balinese not only use them medicinally, they eat and drink them every day as part of their native diet.

I’m convinced this is why the people of Bali have half the rate of cancer as we do in America.

And with cancer rates in America reaching emergency status, there’s no time to waste.

Modern farming methods are destroying the “Jamu Secret.”

I hope it’s not already too late.

Bali is located in an area called the Sundaland Hotspot — one of the most biologically rich places on Earth.

The dense foliage of Bali contains hundreds of healing secrets.

In this one region alone, there are about 25,000 species of plants, 60% of which are found nowhere else on earth!

The “Jamu Secret” is hidden inside these plants… and now, thanks to foreign fertilizers and pesticides, the delicate Balinese ecosystem is in danger of tipping.

Years ago, the government in Jakarta introduced chemical fertilizers and pesticides to the rice farmers in Bali. Up until then, they used only natural farming methods. But the government told them they could grow much more rice with these “modern miracles.”

Did they grow more rice? Of course.

But at what cost?

From leaves to extracts, flowers to roots, the healing herbs can be used in countless ways.

The soil was depleted of important minerals and nutritional content because the earth wasn’t allowed to rest between crops. The toxic, artificial chemicals polluted the pristine island’s water and soil.

The same water and soil that is necessary for the “Jamu Secret’s” very existence.

What it can do for you is nothing short of amazing.

Each year, I travel more than 20,000 miles to study what makes people healthy.

Western medicine sees disease as something to be drugged or cut out of your body.

I focus on what healthy people have in common. I look at what protects them from disease in the first place.

I don’t need Big Pharma or the FDA to tell me what can or can’t cure cancer… or diabetes… or heart disease. I’ve seen entire populations around the world eliminate and cure disease with the “Jamu Secret.”

The Balinese use it to:

  Boost the immune system

  Treat flus and colds

  Reduce fever

  Help nausea

But it can also be used as an:




  Anticancer 6,7

The “Jamu Secret” may even hold the key to stopping Alzheimer’s disease.

Indian scientists caused Alzheimer’s-type amnesia in mice. Treating mice with an extract from the “Jamu Secret” had an amazing effect. The treated mice had lower levels of free radicals, and they showed better performance remembering their way through a maze. 8

Big Pharma doesn’t want the “Jamu Secret” to get out.

As I said earlier, scientists all over the globe are studying the “Jamu Secret.” But no one is talking about it.

That’s because Big Pharma doesn’t want you to know about it.

The “Jamu Secret” consists of all-natural cures that are readily available. That means Big Pharma can’t charge thousands of dollars for it.

And if diseases like cancer… Alzheimer’s… Parkinson’s… and diabetes are cured, Big Pharma can’t keep raking in the money they’re making on treatments.

It may be hard to believe, but we’re talking big money here. The diabetes industry is worth $50 billion. The antidepressant industry rakes in $70 billion a year. And the cancer industry? It’s costing Americans 100 billion dollars a year.

This is too important not to share.

As a physician, I simply can’t keep quiet. These treatments and cures are already working for my patients. I want to share them with you, too.

  The “Jamu Secret” kills cancer cells. In a study virtually ignored by Western medicine, researchers from Taiwan looked at the “Jamu Secret” and tested its cancer-killing power.

They treated cells with differing amounts of an extract from the “Jamu Secret.” The more extract they used, the more cancer cells died off. Just 200 μg/ml of the root extract dropped the cancers’ ability to survive to nearly zero.

It also destroyed and stopped the spread of 75% of brain cancer cells and 70% of cervical cancer cells. 9 Extracts also worked on leukemia, liver cancer, gastric cancer and other tumor cells. 10

  The “Jamu Secret” prevents gastric ulcers. Scientists looking into the effect the “Jamu Secret” has on ulcers last year were shocked. They treated mice with the “Jamu Secret” and then tried to give the mice ulcers… and they couldn’t! Even with three different
potent ulcer-inducers, the mice were protected. 11

  The “Jamu Secret” prevents heart attacks. A research team studied the effects of the “Jamu Secret” on animals’ hearts. They treated a group for 30 days with an extract from the “Jamu Secret.” When they gave this group a chemical known to induce heart attacks, it
didn’t work! 12

The results from these studies — and others like them — are so astounding, even Western medicine is starting to recognize them.

In fact, the German Cancer Research Center is studying the “Jamu Secret” for its anti-cancer effect.

Unlike the U.S., where we have a government agency dedicated to stifling natural cures, Germany has set up a Federal Institute specifically to test and approve natural cures.

And an extract from the “Jamu Secret” made the list of cures to be tested.

For those of you who don’t live in Germany ­­­­­­— or Bali — I’m about to tell you how you can access the “Jamu Secret” today, from the comfort of your own home.

Balinese experience less cancer, diabetes, strokes and other diseases.

Some recipes date back hundreds of years.

In the West, doctors view medicine as a liquid or pill you swallow… an injection forced into your body… even radiation that poisons your body.

In Bali, the natives not only use their abundant plants as medicine, they eat and drink them every day as part of their native diet.

This didn’t happen by accident. Their bodies adapted to their environment over thousands of years, and their native environment provides everything they need to stay healthy, active and vibrant throughout their lives.

The Balian healers use the “Jamu Secret” to prepare teas and foods that are not only nourishing and tasty, they have healing properties that have worked for centuries.

Which would you rather do? Drink an herbal tea known to cure migraines when you have one? Or put a few of those leaves in your salad every day to keep the head-splitting pain from occurring in the first place?

Now, for the first time, this vast knowledge is available to Westerners who are tired of waiting around on the FDA and the medical industry to fix what’s wrong with them.

The good news? You don’t have to move to Bali.

No prescription needed — you can enjoy the “Jamu Secret” in the comfort of your kitchen..

You don’t have to drastically change your diet or move halfway around the world to put the “Jamu Secret” to work for you. There are things you can start doing right away, at home, to improve your health:

  • A flower that grows all over Florida, Texas and other southern states can help men who have a swollen prostate and a hard time urinating – even if they’ve had the problem for years.
  • A common essential oil works as an antidepressant. Just smelling the beautiful fragrance will put you in a relaxed, happy mood. It calms nervousness, anxiety, stress, even feelings of anger and frustration.
  • You can make your own “Jamu Secret” tea by steeping the flowers of a common plant for 10-15 minutes. The brewed tea protects your body against DNA damage, a main cause of aging-related concerns. You can also buy it right now in your supermarket.
  • While you’re there, grab a common fruit that helps you recover more quickly from injury and reduces circulating free radicals that lead to a painful inflammation.

Learn the “Jamu Secret” in my new book, Healing Herbs of Paradise.

With Westi and Lelir’s blessing, I’m making all of this sacred knowledge available to the world for the first time — whether Big Pharma likes it or not. You can find it all in my new book, Healing Herbs of Paradise.

It’s more than just a beautiful coffee table book. It’s part novel… part travel guide… part reference book. It is full of 100% useful, practical information that can change your health – and your quality of life.

Learn how herbalists use the “Jamu Secret” to do everything from cure indigestion to treat cancer… all backed by scientific studies that show how and why it works.

If you’re a gardener, you’ll come away with a list of plants that you’ll want to start growing in your own yard right away.

If you’re not, the book tells you how you can easily locate and use the elements of the “Jamu Secret” to treat and cure hundreds of diseases.

I’ve included some of my favorite recipes so you can make the “Jamu Secret” part of your diet. There is a tea you can brew to cure headaches, and a smoothie you can make to soothe painful joints.

And that’s not all. Here’s more of what you can do after reading Healing Herbs of Paradise:

  • Protect the strength and power of your heart and lungs
  • Reduce your risk of heart attacks and cardiovascular disease
  • Discover a safe, gluten-free diet staple to replace unhealthy carbs
  • Lower your blood pressure and improve cholesterol levels
  • Reverse signs of aging and prevent DNA damage to your skin
  • Reduce anxiety and stress while improving your sense of wellbeing, and
  • Protect your cells against every type of cancer!

Discover the hundreds of cures in the “Jamu Secret” today.

Enjoy the beautiful photography and in-depth information on these healing herbs.

I’ve spent my entire professional life traveling around the globe to visit places where people don’t suffer from “incurable diseases.” Places where there’s no FDA telling them what they can and can’t use as medicine. Countries where they let their natural environment keep them healthy.

My trip to Bali was eye opening. I knew they had vast knowledge about natural cures and miracle plants growing practically one on top of another.

But when I saw how healthy and vibrant the Balinese people were in person, I knew I had to bring this knowledge to the rest of the world.

I had to make this “Jamu Secret” available to my patients and readers as quickly as I could.

Because there is a natural cure in this book that can help you feel better — and younger — starting today.

I Want You to Use These Cures and Remedies to Feel BETTER, Look YOUNGER and Live a HEALTHIER LIFE…

That’s why I’m offering it to you at a discount.

Normally, a book of this quality would sell for nearly $200 – but I want you to have this book today for only $59.95!

If you order today, you will be among the first to receive an electronic version of my book right away — and your beautiful hardbound copy will ship in 8 to 10 weeks.

But you have to order right away… my printer is delivering shipment as fast as he can, and there are a limited number of copies available.

I’ll even pay for shipping and handling so you don’t have to worry about any extra or hidden charges.

Healing Herbs of Paradise is one of my proudest accomplishments. It’s the most complete book available on the hidden secrets of Bali – straight from the heart of the jungle.

For the first time EVER, this important healing information is available to you… and there’s nothing Big Pharma can do about it!

I urge you to check out Healing Herbs of Paradise today.

To Your Good Health,

Al Sears MD

Al Sears, MD, CNS


1 Wang D, et. al. “Joint Association of Dietary Pattern and Physical Activity Level with Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors among Chinese Men.” PLoS One. 2013;8(6):e66210.

2 Singh H, et. al. “Neurotransmitter Metabolic Enzymes and Antioxidant Status on Alzheimer’s Disease Induced Mice Treated with Alpinia galanga (L.) Willd.” Phytother Res. 2011; (7):1061-7.

3 Paranjpe R, Gundala S, Lakshminarayana N, Sagwal A, Asif G, Pandey A, Aneja R. “Piper betel leaf extract: anticancer benefits and bio-guided fractionation to identify active principles for prostate cancer management.” Carcinogenesis. 2013 Jul;34(7):1558-66.

4 Nakamura S, et. al. “Alkaloid constituents from flower buds and leaves of sacred lotus with melanogenesis inhibitory activity in B16 melanoma cells.” Bioorg Med Chem. 2013;21(3):779-87.

5 Tanaka H, et. al. “Three new constituents from the roots of Erythrina variegata and their antibacterial activity against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.” Chem Biodivers. 2011; 8(3): 476-482.

6 Middleton, E, Kandaswami, C. “The impact of plant flavonoids on mammalian biology: Implication for immunity, inflammation and cancer.” In: Harborne J. “The flavonoids: Advances in Research since 1986.” London. Chapman and Hall. 1993. pp.619-652.

7 Chudiwal A, Jain D, Somani R. “Alpinia galanga Willd.– An overview on phyto-pharmacological properties.” Indian Journal of Natural Products and Resources. 2010;Vol. 1(2), pp. 143-149.

8 Singh H, et. al. “Neurotransmitter Metabolic Enzymes and Antioxidant Status on Alzheimer’s Disease Induced Mice Treated with Alpinia galanga (L.) Willd.” Phytother Res. 2011; (7):1061-7.

9 Hong Y, Liao L, et. al. “Crude aqueous extracts of Pluchea indica (L.) Less. inhibit proliferation and migration of cancer cells through induction of p53-dependent cell death.” BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2012, 12:265.

10 “Chemical Constituent Investigation of Mangrove Plant Pluchea Indica (L.) Less.” Master’s Thesis from China Universities. Retrieved June 24, 2013.

11 Fernandes C, De Souza H, De Oliveria G, Costa J, Kerntopf M, Campos A. “Investigation of the mechanisms underlying the gastroprotective effect of cymbopogon citratus essential oil.” J Young Pharm. 2012;4(1):28-32.

12 Abhilash P, et al. “Cardioprotective effects of aqueous extract of Oxalis corniculata in experimental myocardial infarction.” Exp Toxicol Pathol. 2011;63(6):535-40.

This product is meant for informational and educational purposes only.

New Facebook Changes

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Facebook has made some changes to your Page’s design on desktop. According to Facebook, they did this to make it easier for your visitors to interact with you and your Page.

Updated Layout

Updated Facebook Desktop Layout

In the updated layout your profile picture doesn’t overlap with your cover photo. (Check out the before here). The cover photo still displays on desktop at 828 x 315 pixels while the profile picture displays at 160 x 160 pixels. Also, your Page name and username are now displayed on the left side of your Page below your profile picture.

The call to action button is bigger, brighter and directly under the Page cover photo. This makes it more visible to fans and users.

Facebook has moved the Page tabs to a new vertical navigation bar on the left side of your Page.This should make it quick and easy for people to find important information about your business.

Do you do paid advertising on Facebook? Well, Facebook has quietly doubled the number of images and videos that can be included in its carousel ads. They increased it from five (5) to ten (10).

There is a new Facebook policy for marketers using Messenger bots to send promotional messages. The updated policy states that “all conversations between businesses and people must be initiated by the person receiving the messages” and should provide “relevant and timely information that [the user] requested.” Facebook is also imposing a 24-hour window in which a business may respond to a user with a promotional message and only a specific action or response from the user will trigger a new 24-hour cycle in which a business can re-engage. You may read more about the Messenger update here.