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when you log in to your affiliate page, you’ll find the link at the top of the page – Links & tools – Scroll through the pages – there are several – and select the creative that best represent what you would like your clients to know about.

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Below, you will find the current list of Primal Force affiliate creatives. Clicking on the link will take you to the landing page of that promotion.


Radiance Ad (link To Promo)
Harmony Super Nutrient
Revive Landing Page
Restore Beauty Breakthrough
Ultimate Skin Regimen (Splash, CoQTone, Revive)
Renew Younger Skin
Silk Anti-aging Breakthrough
Telorevive Cat’s Claw (long Form)
New Telorevive Dna Cream
Glow – Ancient Moroccan Beauty Secret Promo/email
Restore Natural Facelift
Purity Beauty Cleanse Promo/email
Caracol Bella Promo/email Amazon Rainforest Secret
Revive Short Email
New Restore Anti-aging Breakthrough Promo/email
Revive Short Copy
Hollywood Revive Promo
Caracol Bella Short Landing Page
Solis: 1 Jar Plus Free Bonus Book
Renew – J-lo Landing Page
Balance – Full Promo
Simply Beautiful Beauty Vitamin
Solis – Natural Botanical Sun Protection For Your Skin (link To Cart)
Infuse – Hair Strengthener & Thickener (link To Promo)
Caracol Bella – Age Defying Serum (link To Discovery Promo)
Reset Your Biological Clock-link To Promo
Reset Your Biological Clock-link To Cart
Silk – Moisturizing Antioxidant Cream With Resveratrol Ad (link To Promo)
Radiance – email


TeloRevive Cat’s Claw (long form)
New TeloRevive DNA cream

Text Links

Renew 3 Bottle Autoship
Try Renew Today
Try Restore Today
Splash/tone – Text Link To Shortie ‘youthful’ Promo
Infuse – Text Link To Shortie ‘infuse Your Hair’ Prom
Simply Beautiful – Link To Promo
Glow Facial Scrub – Text Link To Peruvian Glow Promo
Renew Scii – To J-lo Landing Page
Reset Your Biological Clock E-book (link To Promo)
Reduce The Appearance Of Wrinkles And Age Spots With “dna Technology”
Coq-tone Link To New Promo
Organic Cotton Rounds Link To Cart
Silk: Moisturizing Antioxidant Cream With Resveratrol (link To Promo)
Silk: Moisturizing Antioxidant Cream With Resveratrol (link To Cart)
Splash: Purifying Rose Hip Cleanser (link To Cart)
Coq-tone: Revitalizing Toner (link To Promo)
Coq-tone: Revitalizing Toner (link To Cart)
Radiance – Antioxidant For Your Skin (link To Cart)
Radiance – Antioxidant For Your Skin (link To Promo)
Infuse – Hair Strengthener & Thickener (link To Cart)

Banners – products and sizes

If you don’t see the size you need, email us, and we’ll be happy to make it for you.

New product! Regenesis 400×282
Restore Beauty Breakthrough 300×250
Revive Hollywood Secret 160×200
Revive Hollywood Beauty 160×200
Silk 300 X 250
Renew 300 X 250
Telorevive Rejuvenating Night Cream 300 X 250
New Revive Banner: Repair Skin Dna
Restore – Beauty Breakthrough To Landing Page
Restore – Beauty Breakthrough to Landing Page (250×250)
Restore Dermal Filler – Links to Landing Page
Caracol Bella-300×250
Caracol Bella – 200×200
Infuse Hair Strengthener – 300×250
Renew Scii – Links To Jlo Promo
Balance Banner: 520×100
Balance Banner: 250×250
Balance Banner: 400×200
300×250 – Revive Dna – Landing Page
Pure Radiance Logo
Solis Summer Time Banner
Reset Your Biological Clock Book (Live Younger)
New Ultimate Skin Care Regimen Banner: Special Offer
NEW Revive Banner: Repair Skin DNA
REVIVE Purple to Promo
Silk: Antioxidant Cream With Resveratro- 300×250-(link To Cart)
Splash: Rose Hip Cleasner- 300×250-(link To Cart)
Splash&tone Bundle-728×90
Splash&tone Bundle-300×250
Revive – “Reverse Aging”
Radiance – “sunscreen Capsule” (link To Promo)
Radiance – “sunscreen Capsule” (link To Promo)
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Infuse – Link To Cart