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Dr. Sears’ Green Drink Recipe

Green Drink Ingredients: ¼ cup radicchio 1 purple carrot 1 cucumber 1 lime ¼ cup parsley ½ cup Swiss chard ½ cup filtered water After you gather these raw vegetables, simply blend with ice into a large smoothie, which still contains all the vital cellulose. You don’t have to follow this recipe to the letter. You can make it to… Read more »

12-Hour Portable Power Booster Clears Away Mental Cobwebs…

Vitamin B12

…And Fits Right in Your Pocket! There’s a fast-acting power booster inside each cell of your body. I just tried it and it works! Here is what Dr. Sears has to say about it… It ramps up your energy, clears your mind and helps you sleep like a baby. But your body needs a fresh supply every day, and you’re probably… Read more »