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Spring 2017 Affiliate Newsletter

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Get ready for some exciting news! We recently upgraded the design and layout of our website with you in mind! When you visit the main affiliate webpage, we have enhanced navigation so you can easily find all of our resources, including articles, archives, new banner ads and promos of our top converting offers to share with your network! And now… Read more »

Omega Rejuvenol (Omega 3) Fish Oil Supplement

My friends Sandy and Ingrid are my workout buddies. They are both 10 years my Junior but I lift heavier, run faster and have higher endurance level that they do. I attribute this to the Primal Force supplements I take – Ultra Accel, Vitamin D3 and Omega Rejuvenol. Today, I am going to focus on Omega Rejuvenol. The Secret Brain-Boosting… Read more »

Sculptress Rejuvenating Facial Mask

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A few weeks ago Dr. Sears introduced his new Facial Mask. It’s called Sculptress. This Rejuvenating Facial Mask is the only doctor-developed mask on the market that immediately goes to work supporting your telomeres. While other masks mainly work on the skin’s surface, they will cleanse and purify, pull dirt and toxins out of the skin’s pores and leave you with a refreshing glow, Sculptress… Read more »