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How to Subscribe to a RSS Feed

What is RSS? RSS – Rich Site Summary often called Really Simple Syndication, is a format for delivering regularly changing web content. An RSS feed of a page strips the information down to the bare essentials — usually the main text content, main images, or, if it’s a podcasts and video channels, the content itself. A RSS feed allows you to easily… Read more »

16 Ways to Boost Your Blog Traffic

Here is a roundup of 16 tips aimed at boosting blog traffic.  Use social networks to promote your blog posts! Share each new blog post across your social media networks, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest. People who follow you on social media expect you to share your links. Liking your page is sometimes the easiest way for them to keep up with your updates. Add… Read more »

9 Facebook Cover Photo Best Practices

Since writing this article, Facebook made a few changes. You may read about them here. Recently an affiliate asked me to assist her with setting up a Facebook business page. I advised her to take a look at one of our Facebook page to see how ‘things were done‘. As we were reviewing our page, I noticed that we were not following… Read more »

How To Grow Your Pinterest Following

Pinterest accounts for 25% of retail referral traffic. The site drives four times more money per click than Twitter and 47% of U.S. online consumers have made a purchase based on recommendations from Pinterest (Source). They have proven their power as a massively effective place to connect with your audience. If you are not using Pintrest, you are missing out on a 72 million user base!… Read more »

How To Seamlessly Embed Affiliate Links

How to Post Affiliate Links Without Overwhelming Your Readers We pay the highest commissions in the industry — while others may be 12-15%, we’ll pay you net 25% (less shipping and handling) on initial orders (PLUS, you receive 10% on recurring sales when they bill! Because we surpass industry standards, being an Al Sears affiliate has become one of the best ways… Read more »

How to Effectively use Hashtags on Instagram.

How to use hashtags on Instagram

How to Use Hashtags on Instagram Just like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, an Instagram hashtag ties the conversations of different users into one stream. If Instagram users who aren’t otherwise connected to one another talk about the same topic using a specific hashtag, their comments will appear in the same stream. To use a hashtag on Instagram, all you need to do… Read more »

How to Effectively Use Hashtags on Facebook

Facebook Hashtags

How Hashtags Work on Facebook Like on Twitter, a Facebook hashtag ties the conversations of different users into one stream. But unlike Twitter where the majority of users have public accounts and their posts can be seen by anyone, most people’s Facebook posts and accounts are private. As a result, even if individuals are using hashtags, they are not searchable – unless… Read more »

How to Effectively Use Twitter Hashtags

twitter hashtags

What Does ‘Hashtag’ Mean? Remember the pound symbol #? it’s now popularly known as a hashtag. A hashtag is a keyword phrase, spelled out without spaces, with a pound sign (#) in front of it. For example, #PrimalForceAffiliate and #Supplements are both hashtags. They are used to identify messages on a specific topic. When used properly, they are a great way for individuals as well as brands… Read more »

How To Promote Affiliate Products On Your Blog

Promote affiliate products

10 Ways To Promote Dr Sears’ Affiliate Products On Your Blog Write a product review – Most , if not all of your are using one or more of Dr. Sears products. Tell your audience about you experience using the products. Tell your audience about tips and trick that you have discovered while using the product. Do a Case Study – Write a… Read more »

How to Use Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Posts

Use Social Media to drive traffic to your blog

How to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Linkedin to drive traffic to your blog One of the best ways to drive traffic to your blog or website is to use social media. Facebook There are several ways to share your blog posts on your Facebook personal and business pages. You can update Your Status With a Link. Once you complete a… Read more »

How to create a blog in 7 Easy steps

How to setup a blog

One of the best way to attract people to the products that you are promoting for Dr. Sears is to create a blog. The process is relatively simple. The steps are listed below. Choose a domain name. This will be your online identity. If you are struggling to come up with a name, use your own name. e.g. Choose… Read more »

Social Media Image Sizes

Social Media Image Size Quick Reference Guide

Quick References: Social Media Image Size Are you using social media to promote Dr. Sears’ products? If not, you are missing out… How exactly should your image look so it fits in the News Feed, timeline, or stream of your favorite social media network? Here is a list of the optimal pixel size for your images on the top 6 social… Read more »