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How to Effectively use Hashtags on Instagram.

How to use hashtags on Instagram

How to Use Hashtags on Instagram Just like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, an Instagram hashtag ties the conversations of different users into one stream. If Instagram users who aren’t otherwise connected to one another talk about the same topic using a specific hashtag, their comments will appear in the same stream. To use a hashtag on Instagram, all you need to do… Read more »

How to Effectively use Hashtags on Pinterest.

hashtags on Pinterest.

How Hashtags Work on Pinterest Pinterest has been supporting hashtags for some time. Just like with other social networks, hashtags act as a keyword to bring all of the Pins using that same hashtag together. They are ONLY clickable in a Pin description. Therefore, putting them in your username, “about” section, or in board titles is not necessary. Pinterest search doesn’t… Read more »